swami rajneesh on fate and destiny

question: i like to ask a question about the science of life are these just games of the mind or there is really some reality about providence or fate and destiny ?

swami rajneesh:
no fate…no destiny…no science
awareness…non awareness
awake or sleeping
for the sleeping there is no science at all
for the awakened one there is a science
but for the sleeping… what is the science ?
a person who is sleeping does not even know one plus one is two !
no science !

for the person who is sleeping there is no fate
unconsciousness is not a fate
consciousness has a future

the moment you move on the path of consciousness
now you are deciding about your life

before that it is all accidental
this world is accidental
nothing is planned
it is all just moving
consciousness moves out of this plane of unconsciousness
no faith…no destiny…no science
and you are lucky
because if you had a fate and a destiny
then you are a slave

for anybody who has come with a fate and a destiny
there is no use to live
the destiny is going to happen
the fate is going to happen so you leave it to the other
you leave it to god
he has written your fate and your destiny

so whether you jump in the ocean or you jump in the well
or you do not jump…it is destined to be
do not be a slave to anybody
if anybody writes my destiny i will cut the persons head off
i would rather be alone with no fate and no destiny
than have somebody write my destiny and my fate
and that is true for you too

you are free !
free to choose any destiny…
you write it and you make it
you are in total control
you do what you want to do
and choose the best for yourself
who can know what is good for you ?
only you can know
so choose the best
okay !

source – swami rajneesh book “yo gotta groove in”