Osho Quotes on Fear & Death

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Osho Quotes on Fear of Death

Osho Quotes on Fear of Death If you know your real Self you will never be afraid of death-there is no question. Identifying yourself with the body, you become the body. Then you are a mortal. Then there is fear...

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Osho Quotes on Suicide

Osho Quotes on Suicide I know you are bored with life. If you are really bored, then meditation is the way, not suicide — because suicide will bring you to the SAME life, maybe an uglier life than you have...

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Osho Quotes on Old Age

Osho Quotes on Old Age This is the whole art of life! You enjoy your youth, and when you become old you enjoy your old age. Old age has its own beauties; no young man can have those beauties. Youth...

Osho Quotes on Death | Osho Quotes on Death and Dying

When you encounter death, when you see it face to face, when you don’t avoid, when you don’t dodge, when you don’t escape, when you don’t create a cloud around you, when you face it, encounter it, the fact of death, suddenly you become aware that death is life. The deeper you move into death, the deeper you move in life because, Heraclitus says, the opposites meet and mingle, they are one.