Osho Quotes on Mind & Mental Madness

Osho Quotes on Dying Consciously

Osho Quotes on Attachment

Osho Quotes on Attachment Attachment is the root cause of all misery. Possessiveness is nourishment for the ego. Misery is nothing but the shadow of attachment. And hence all stagnancy. The attached person becomes a stagnant pool — sooner or...

Osho Quotes on Attachment

Osho Quotes on Negativity

Osho Quotes on Negativity Hell means nothing but misery; it is a psychological state of misery, a state of negativity, a state of darkness, of utter loneliness. If you feel negative about yourself, you will automatically feel negative about others....

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Osho Quotes on Comparison

Osho Quotes on Comparison We have always been thinking in terms of comparison. Man is very much conditioned to create hierarchies: who is clever, who is stupid, who is beautiful, who is ugly…We can’t accept people as they are. Comparison...