swami rajneesh quotes, osho rajneesh quotes and sayings

swami rajneesh is an enlightened disciple of osho and he has recieved transmission of lamp from osho.
swami rajneesh is making a free osho commune in goa.
the osho cocom commune website is www.oshococom.com
osho cocom commune offers free osho therapies, groups, meditations and free osho discourses.
no gate pass, no banning, no barring in osho cocom commune – all seekers of truth are welcome to celebrate and grow within.

osho rajneesh quotes and sayings for seekers of truth 

  1. the real search is your innocence
  2. don’t waste your time in decorating the mind
  3. before you set out to learn more
    dive in
    to understand and experience
    what treasures you already have
    you are the universe
  4. you have always arrived
    just you are missing
    you are in a hurry
    you are searching outside you
    you moved away from your center
    come back home
    and just settle
    and you are pure light
  5. i am creating a new commune
    with a simple rule and understanding
    of transparency and accountability
    this commune will be for the people
    not for any masters
    masters don’t need anything
  6. no banning no barring no threatening
    all will be welcomed
    and the freedom of expression will never be curbed
  7. i am going to invite all enlightened disciples of osho
    right or wrong is not the question
    they have the freedom to express
    their celebration
    their joy
    their findings
  8. if we want our people to flower
    we need to keep an open transparent space
    for the growth of these beautiful beings
    who are seeking the truth