swami rajneesh quotes from ebook “GO IN GO IN GONE”

quotes from osho enlightened disciple swami rajneesh new english ebook ‘GO IN GO IN GONE’

  1. remember
    whatsoever you need on the inner journey
    its already within you
    never forget
    whatsoever you need for your inner journey
    is already present within you
  2. your inner being is thirsty
    and drinks only beauty…silence…grace…innocence
    these are the qualities
    that are absorbed by your inner being
  3. all your knowledge will fail
    it is simply rubbish
    life is far vaster than your mind
  4. just disappear into silence
    seek deeper and deeper and deeper states
    it will connect you and make you vaster and vaster
  5. the individual is in harmony with himself
    for him there is no problem
    the society has a problem with the individual
    the family has a problem with the individual
    the individual has no problem with anybody
    he can live alone or he can live with others
    because he has come to a certain fulfillment
    and he is ready to share
  6. meditation is playfulness
    it is seeing life in its utter joy and a total celebration
    life is so beautiful !
    …so much is given to you
    nature has given you life
    what more it can give to you ?
    it is such a gift…
  7. this silence
    is the whole search…
    how to go deeper and deeper
    into this state of pure innocence
    a deep silence
    so simple
    that is why it is missed
  8. deeper the stillness…
    the deeper the silence the more you are
    you are a vast sky
    deep and still
    this is your buddha nature
    it is so silent…within you

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