swami rajneesh quotes from book ‘ZERO’

swami rajneesh quotes

1) catch this simple thread of silence within you
and follow its silent voice
such a simple message !
you do not need anybody
to understand this simple message

2) keep the innocence…the nobodiness…
the vulnerability…the sensitivity…
let these be the taste and the flavour of your inner sky
you do not need to fight a battle
this is a love affair
it is not a battle with the other…with existence

3) the inner journey is the simplest journey possible
all your senses are leading you outside
all your five senses are making you move outward
the inner journey does not need anything
just close all the windows of outer movement
and move inward
you do not need anything special
and the moment you learn to move inward
it is a simple knack

4) pure innocence is the way of the inner

5) my first statement
the only statement i have ever written…
dissolved into your lotus feet o my beloved master

6) truth is so silent
it does not even want to say a word
it is reflected in tears…in silence…not in loudspeakers !

7) surrendering to a buddha
you are no more ordinary
the inner in you has recognized
your own inner buddhahood
and only a warrior…a being of light…
knows how to surrender

8 ) life is short
be alert
invest all your energies
in these vertical moments of the present

9) the inner journey…
you will take with you
you cannot carry anything else
and the clock is ticking fast

10) existence is giving you fresh roses every minute
live it totally and next moment…another fresh rose…
life is so full of abundance
so many treasures…every second !

11) this is the message of all masters
to learn how to be in the present
to dive in
to find your inner freedom
and you deserve it
you deserve it !
you deserve your inner buddha
it is your treasure
do not forget it for a moment

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