swami rajneesh – accountability accountability accountability !!!

swami rajneesh:
accountability accountability accountability !!!
the whole world is rebelling against dictators
and people in power who are corrupt
and have become arrogant and behave like dictators
unaccountable for their actions
the peoples of the world are rebelling
against those who abuse and exploit power
and are demanding transparency and accountability
people in power are merely servants of the people
and are arrogant acting like masters of the people
the world is waking up to its voice of freedom
sannyas is rebellion
sannyas is the rebellious spirit
seeking justice for inner and outer freedoms
freedom from fear of persecution
freedom from oppression
freedom to question and demand actions
freedom of expression
freedom is sannyas and the very spirit or sannyas
millions of dollars are being stolen by the osho resort management
and being funneled into secret accounts abroad
millions of dollars are being secretly transferred
both in terms of material or spiritual assets
the illegitimate self appointed resort management
are not owners nor inheritors of osho or his spiritual or financial legacy
this legacy rightfully belong to all his millions of lovers
and should be used to share among worldwide centers of osho
millions of sannyasins created the poona ashram
and managers are behaving like they personally own the ashram
all his book sales  of over 600 titles
all his royalties of books in 36 languages
all publishing rights to world publishers
all his videos and cds and dvds
all his audio mp3 or ipod audio sales
all properties in bombay and poona
thousands of sannyasins paying for therapies and groups in cash
all being secretly transferred into secret accounts abroad
who legally owns osho copyrights and materials ??
who controls these funds and where are the accounts ??
where are these funds hidden ??
who owns these funds legally ??
how many trusts are formed ??
how many trusts are made into private companies ??
how are funds transferred to switzerland and new york and england ??
these are questions to be asked and answers need to be given
sannyasins should rebel
and have their voice heard…
the time has come for the new revolution…for the rebellious spirit…
awaken awaken awaken…accountability is the new call !!!