swami rajneesh on totality and total living

swami rajneesh:

existence is giving you fresh roses every minute
live it totally and next moment…another fresh rose…
life is so full of abundance
so many treasures…every second !
so vast…

totality will become your very lifestyle
living totally will become your very taste
and total living does not mean running here and running there…
doing this and doing that…

total living can be totally silent…vertically alert and stillness…stopped
total living may not need a single movement on your behalf
when you are total
everything stops

you are not going anywhere…you are enjoying the stop…
you do not even move your hand
but you live totally because you are stopped
so do not misunderstand thinking that you are living totally
because you are running here and running there

when you understand total living
everything will become still and stopped
you will become so silent
somebody will say…are you living totally ?
you are not even moving…
where is the totality in you ?
the totality is present
hidden within that present moment that is within you
and you know it !
you know that inside you something is buzzing like electricity
and the outside person says you did not go on holiday to goa ?
and then london and then to new york ? you are not total !

totality means…not a single movement
because you have come to such a peaked state
that totality has stopped you
so live as totally as possible…
no need to move even a finger !
it is a vertical totality…
so deep…so high into the sky…
vertical totality

it is not running around horizontally
from here to there…from there to here…
people think that is total living
but they are running away from life
your present herenow is life

the more you run here and there to be total
you are running away from life
you are moving astray from the vertical stillness
and the vertical movement

source – from swami rajneesh ebook “ZERO” – free download