Osho – Yoga means the art of communion, becoming one with the whole

Osho – Yoga means the art of communion, becoming one with the whole, dissolving yourself into the whole like a dewdrop slipping from the lotus leaf into the lake. The moment it falls into the lake it becomes the lake. It loses one thing — its small identity, its ego, its boundary — but it gains infinitely; it becomes the whole lake. The dewdrop was always in danger, the sun will rise and it will evaporate. Dewdrops are always on the verge of death, any moment death can happen. But once the dewdrop becomes part of the lake, death becomes impossible.

Man is just a dewdrop, and that’s why he is miserable, afraid; afraid of death, afraid of a thousand and one things, constantly trembling inside. And it is natural, understandable. The only way to get rid of all this fear, trembling, is to become one with the whole.

That’s what yoga is: the art of dissolving yourself into the whole, losing your boundaries, losing your ego, your identity. In the beginning it seems to be very difficult because that’s all we know about ourselves.

The function of the master is to help you, to encourage you, to seduce you, to push you to take the jump.
And if one loves the master, trusts the master, things become simple, very simple. That’s what sannyas is all about; it is just a trust. And in trust it is easy to take the jump; without trust it is impossible to take the jump. In doubt you cannot take the jump because you will always be doubting whether to take it or not and it will always remain an either/or, either/or, either/or.

And there is no way to decide through the mind because the mind has no way to know the unknown, it remains confined in the known. And you have never experienced the melting with the whole, so it is a gamble. The doubting person cannot risk. It really needs guts, great courage, to trust, to put all the doubts aside. In spite of all the doubts one falls in love with someone who has known, who has taken the jump, who has found. And in trust one takes the quantum leap. It is a single step. Once you have jumped, then nothing can prevent you. Even if you doubt on the way you can doubt — nothing to worry about. Now you will reach the lake; you cannot hang somewhere in the air.

So once somebody has jumped I don’t bother about it at all. I don’t even look — it is finished, I start working with somebody else, because there is nowhere in the air you can stop, you have to go to the very bottom. So my work is finished once somebody has taken the jump.

And the moment you become one with the whole there is bliss. Life for the first time has meaning because for the first time there is no more death. For the first time you know you have always been here and will always be here, that you are indestructible. In knowing it there is rejoicing, in knowing it there is freedom from fear, in knowing it one starts dancing.

Then there is nothing else to do — dance, sing, rejoice!
Then this whole universe belongs to you because you are part to it.

Source – Osho Book “Just the Tip of the Iceberg”