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Osho Quotes

  1. Meditation is when you are not doing anything at all, when the mind is not functioning at all. That non-functioning of the mind is meditation — no chanting, no mantra, no image, no concentration. One just simply is. In that isness the ego disappears, and with the ego the shadow of the ego disappears. That shadow is fear.
  2. Behind all this garbage of the mind and the noise of the mind there is a dimension of utter emptiness. One is hollow without God, one is just emptiness and nothing without God. One wants to hide this nakedness, this emptiness, this ugliness. One covers it with beautiful flowers, one decorates those covers. One at least pretends that one is something, somebody.
  3. Personality is bogus, individuality is substantial. Personality is just a facade, individuality is your truth. Personality is imposed from the outside; it is a persona, a mask. Individuality is your reality — it is as God has made you. Personality is social sophistication, social polishing. Individuality is raw, wild, strong, with tremendous power.
  4. Remember, even if I am gone and your love is immense for me, I will go on helping you. Connections are not disconnected by death. Death simply makes no difference for the lovers. Death does not exist for the lovers. If you have trust, if you have love for me, death doesn’t mean anything at all; we will go on communing the same way. Everything will go on being the same, nothing will change at all.
  5. People only pretend the game of love, they don’t go into it. They keep a distance from any deep commitment, from any total involvement, because if you really go very close in the world of love, the flame of love is going to burn your ego.
  6. Only a living Master is fire enough, flame enough, to bum you totally, utterly, absolutely. SATSANG, to be with the Master, is the ultimate in love and the beginning of death.
  7. We are afraid of love because Love is a small death. Love requires that we should surrender, and we don’t want to surrender at all. We would like the OTHER to surrender, we would like the other to be a slave. But the same is the desire from the other side: man wants the woman to be a slave; and of course the woman also wants the same, the SAME desire is there. Their methods of enslaving each other may be different, but the desire is the same.
  8. When the disciple comes to the Master, he comes to die. the disciple is one who decides to die in the Master. In that very death is resurrection. In that very death, life starts manifesting itself in its multi-dimensionality. Dying, one attains to higher life; one has to go on dying on lower planes. the moment you die on the lower plane, you assert from the higher, and there are planes and planes….
  9. Get rid of all your prejudices. Get rid of all that you have not known and others have given to you. Get rid of all your knowledge. If you really want to know one day the first thing is not to get rid of ignorance, the first thing is to get rid of knowledge. Knowledge is ignorance, the real ignorance. If you get rid of knowledge, ignorance is innocence.
  10. To me, sannyas means a commitment that “I am going to clean myself completely of all those things which have been imposed upon me, and I will start living on my own — fresh, young, pure, unpolluted.” So sannyas is an initiation into your innocence.
  11. Sannyas is an intelligent step of getting out of all the garbage that has accumulated around you, just jumping out of it clean, fresh, young, and starting anew so that when you die you can die with the satisfaction that you lived the way you wanted to live, that you did not live a borrowed life, that you were not an actor in a film, that you lived an authentic life.
  12. My whole work consists of destroying all your ideologies so that you can be completely fresh and free and move on your own.
  13. With each man becoming enlightened some consciousness in everyone is raised higher. But one buddha cannot transform the whole world; at least two hundred buddhas are needed.
  14. Just go on witnessing whatsoever is happening. Walking you witness, sitting you witness, eating you witness yourself eating, and you will be surprised that the more you witness things the better you can do them because you are non-tense, their quality changes.
  15. Millions of people have found the truth, but truth is something which remains individual and cannot be given as a thing to somebody else; you have to find it on your own. I think it is one of the most significant gifts of existence that it has not made truth a commodity. Otherwise, there would have been shops in the market where you could purchase truth. You cannot purchase truth at any price. You will have to seek it.