Osho – Why does man go on living in the same repetitive circle, again and again and life after life?

Question – Why does man go on living in the same repetitive circle, again and again and life after life?

Osho – It is simple. Because you don’t really live. That’s why you want to repeat. If you really live, there will be no need to repeat. If you have loved, and known what love is, there will be no need to repeat; you will be finished with it. Whenever something has been known totally, you are finished with it.

When something remains unknown, you hanker. Natural it is, you go on desiring. You have not loved in this life, you will desire another life. You have not loved THIS woman, you will desire another woman. You have not loved THIS man, you will desire another man, in some other world, in some other planet.

You have not been able to see and recognize and realize who you are in THIS life – you will hanker for another. The incomplete hankers to be completed, that’s why. And then you can understand my standpoint. That’s why I say: Live totally! Live utterly! Whatsoever you want to do, do it! Don’t avoid and don’t repress, otherwise you will have to come again. And come again, and come again.

Meditate over this beauty:
Alone, and visiting London for the first time, the businessman hailed a taxi and told the cabbies to take him somewhere where he could forget his loneliness. Upon being dropped off, the visitor rang the doorbell of the house indicated by the cabbies. An eye-level viewing-window slid open and a distinctly sexy female voice asked what the man wanted.
’I want to get screwed,’ replied the visitor.
’Okay mister,’ said the woman, ’but as this is a private club, you’ll have to slip a twenty-pound introduction fee through the letter box.’
The visitor did as instructed, the window closed, and he waited. Time passed but nothing happened.
After five minutes he began to pound on the door and again the panel opened. ’I want to get screwed,’ said the man.
’What, again?’ said the voice.

Source – Osho Book “This Very Body the Buddha”