Osho – The most stupid thing a person can do is to take life for granted

Osho – The most stupid thing a person can do is to take life for granted. And that’s what millions of people are doing, they take it as if it is their right. They don’t feel any thankfulness, in fact they go on asking for more. All their prayers are nothing but demands on god for money, for power, for prestige, in this world or in the other. They go to the temples, to the churches, only to beg, they never go to give thanks. And unless you thank god for all that has been done for you, for all that has already been given to you. religion remains a formality, it never grows roots in you.

The beginning of sannyas is to be grateful to the whole that it has made life possible, that it has chosen you to be and that it has given many many things with life: love, awareness, sensibility, sensitiveness, joy.

There are thousands of gifts. It is almost immeasurable, what has been given to us. If we can feel the immense love of existence towards us that very feeling triggers a new process in our being — that process is prayer. And to be prayerful is all, it contains the whole of religion. Then nothing else is needed, then all else starts coming on its own.

Jesus says seek ye first the kingdom of god, then all else shall be added unto you. The kingdom of god opens its doors when you are prayerful; that is the way to seek it. And once you have found it then everything else comes of its own accord.

Source – Osho Book “Going All The Way”