Osho – You can be a living person only if you are rooted in your center

Osho – You can be a living person only if you are rooted in your center. If you are not rooted in the center and are living only on the circumference, you are just so-so alive, lukewarm, without any intensity, without any urgency, without any joy. Your life is just an empty word.

You have to find your authentic life. It is there, hidden in you, but you go on running everywhere else. You never think of going inwards. The very idea seems to be strange — “What is there inwards? Just a skeleton, blood, bones.” What is the point of unnecessarily creating fear for yourself? If you see your skeleton, you will be really afraid! But that is not what we mean by the inward. By the inward we mean going beyond all that is material. Your skeleton is matter, your blood is matter, your bones are material. By going inward we mean going beyond this skeleton that you think you are.

And the going is so simple. Just a little intelligence and you can be alive, a dancing life full of songs and full of flowers. At least for my people I would like to say, never settle for less. Find out the total secret of your being, because in finding the whole secret of your being you will find the whole secret of the universe. Then life becomes a totally different phenomenon, a continuous celebration, each moment a festival. Each moment the opening of a new dimension, a new mystery. The whole of life becomes so full of miracles that naturally a deep gratitude arises in you, to bow down not to any god but to this universe which contains the trees and the animals and the birds.

This universe is your home. You come out of this universe and you go back into this universe. Prayer is meaningless. Only gratitude… you don’t even have to use the word, just the feeling of gratitude.
But the feeling of gratitude will arise only when you have experienced the mysteries, the splendor, the whole garden of flowers that is given to you. And you had not asked for it; you don’t in any way deserve it, you have not earned it. It is a sheer gift, from the abundance of existence itself. Existence is heavy, so loaded with splendor it wants to share. It cannot share unless you are centered in your being. It can share its secrets only with a buddha. And you have every opportunity to become a buddha.

Source – Osho Book “Joshu: The Lion’s Roar”