Osho – Float with Tao, move with Tao, don’t create any private goals and ends

Osho – Lao Tzu is for surrender. He says: Surrender to life. Allow life to lead you, don’t try to lead life. Don’t try to manipulate and control life, let life manipulate and control you. Let life possess you. You simply surrender! You simply say: I am not. You give total power to life, and be with it. Difficult, because the ego says: Then what am I? Surrendered, I am no more.

But when the ego is not, in fact for the first time you are. For the first time you are not the finite, you are the infinite. For the first time you are not the body, the embodied, you are the unembodied, the vast, which goes on expanding; beginningless, endless.

But the ego does not know about it. The ego is afraid. It says: What are you doing, losing yourself? Then you will be lost, you will be a nobody. If you listen to the ego, the ego will put you again and again on a neurotic path, the path of Being Somebody. And the more you become somebody the more life has disappeared from you.

Look at people who have succeeded in the world, who have become somebody, whose names are found in Who’s Who? Look at them, watch them, you will find that they are living a fake life! They are only masks, nothing inside, hollow men, stuffed maybe, but not alive. Empty.

Watch people who have become successful in the world, and have become somebodies: presidents, prime ministers, rich people, the very rich, who have attained all that can be attained in the world. Watch them, touch them, look at them; you will feel death. You will not find throbbing hearts there.

Maybe the heart is still beating but the beat is mechanical. The beat has lost the poetry. They look at you, but their eyes are dull. The lustre of being alive is not there. They will shake hands with you but in their hands you will not feel anything flowing, you will not feel any exchange of energy, you will not see warmth welcoming you. A dead hand. Weight you will find there, love you will not find. Look around them: they live in hell. They have succeeded, they have become somebodies, and now only hell surrounds them. You are on the same way if you are trying to be somebody.

Lao Tzu says: Be a nobody, and then you will have infinite life flowing in you. For the flow of life, to be a somebody becomes a block; to be a nobody – vast emptiness; it allows all. Clouds can move, stars can move in it. And nothing disturbs it. And you have nothing to lose, because all that can be lost you have surrendered already. In such a state of being one is ever young. The body of course will become old, but the innermost core of your being remains young, fresh. It never becomes old, it is never dead.

And Lao Tzu says: This is the way to be really religious. Float with Tao, move with Tao, don’t create any private goals and ends, the whole knows better, you be simply with it. The whole has created you, the whole breathes within you, the whole lives in you, why do YOU bother? Let the responsibility be with the whole. You simply go wherever it leads.

You don’t try to force and plan, and you don’t ask for any certain goals because then there will be frustration, and you will become hard, and you will miss an opportunity of being alive. And this is the point – that if you allow life, more life happens, then if you allow yourself to be alive still more life happens.

Jesus goes on saying: Come to me, and I will show you the way of infinite life. Life abundant. Life overflowing, flooding. But we live like beggars, we could have been like emperors. Nobody else is responsible. Your cleverness to be yourself, to be clinging to the ego, is the whole cause of your misery.

Source – Osho Book “Tao: The Three Treasures, Vol 4”