Osho – When one can be a Christ why settle for being a Christian

Osho – Following Christ does not mean following Jesus. When Jesus disappears Christ is born in him. When Gautam Siddhartha disappears Buddha is born in him. They are totally different phenomena, but people have got them mixed-up.

They think that to follow Christ means to follow Jesus. Nobody can follow Jesus because nobody can be like Jesus; God never creates the same person again. But Christ can be followed because Christ is a state of consciousness. It has nothing to do with the person, Jesus. He is one of the Christs, that is true, but there have been many other Christs and there will be many more.

Anyone who attains to the ultimate flowering is a Christ. To be enlightened is to be a Christ. To know who you are is to be a Christ. But Christianity has taken a very wrong route. It became too focussed on Jesus, the person, they completely forgot about the flowering, the fragrance which really makes him valuable. Without that fragrance he is nobody, just an ordinary carpenter.

Christhood means that meditation has come to its peak. One has gone beyond misery, beyond ego, beyond mind, beyond time. One has become one with the whole. Blissfully follow the subtle path of being a Christ. Never be a Christian, be a Christ. When one can be a Christ why settle for being a Christian? When one can be a Buddha why be a Buddhist? That’s my basic message here, that you are carrying within you the ultimate. There is no need to settle for less than that.

Source – Osho Book “If You Choose To Be With Me, You Must Risk Finding Yourself”