Osho – each sannyasin has to become a celebration, a fragrance, a song

Osho – Life can be either a rotten, stinking phenomenon or it can be an explosion of great fragrance. It is the same energy. What we do with our energy all depends on us. If we allow our energy to remain confined in the mind, moving in a vicious circle, going around in circles, then sooner or later we start feeling rotten, bored, meaningless.

All poetry disappears, all beauty disappears, all joy disappears. One simply starts wondering why life exists at all, what the purpose of it all is. There is no answer, and the question becomes heavier every day. It becomes like a rock on your chest.

It is killing millions of people. Of course they go on living somehow, dragging, waiting for death to deliver them from life, hoping that death will come and they will finally be delivered. This is not because of life, it is because of us.

We could have lived in a totally different way, we could have changed the whole gestalt. We could have lived without the mind, we could have lived through meditation, through no-mind. And then great fragrance, great meaning, great joy happens on its own accord, because when you are a no-mind you are in deep harmony with existence.

The conflict disappears. When you are a no-mind you are no more, hence there is nobody to fight. A deep let-go comes naturally — and in that let-go is the meeting. Call it the meeting of man and god or part and whole, but the dewdrop disappears in the dewdrop. Then life is vast, has tremendous significance. Then life is a constant joy, a continuum of celebration.

And that’s my message: each sannyasin has to become a celebration, a fragrance, a song, a beauty, a grace, a blessing to himself and also a blessing to the whole existence.

Source – Osho Book “Fingers Pointing to the Moon”