Osho Insights – Misery is a by-product of being Unconscious

Osho – Misery is a by-product of being unconscious, unaware and in the same way bliss is also a by-product, a by-product of being conscious, alert, watchful, vigilant. These two alternatives are available to man: either he can live in an unconscious mechanical way or he can live with a deep awareness of each moment, each act, each thought, each feeling.

As you start becoming aware bliss follows of its own accord. Everybody wants to attain to bliss but nobody tries to be aware. That’s why people desire bliss and still remain miserable. It is not possible to achieve bliss directly.

You can achieve vigilance — that is possible. That’s the whole art of meditation, the whole secret of religion. And then bliss follows. Jesus has a tremendously beautiful saying. He says ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of god then all else shall be added unto you.’ Don’t be bothered about anything else. People are worried about everything else except the kingdom of god — and that’s why they remain failures. They are interested in attaining the fragrance but they are not interested in growing the rose bush, in growing flowers. How can they achieve fragrance? It is impossible.

Grow the flowers, plant the seeds for flowers then one day, fragrance comes. It is a natural phenomenon, it is inevitable; you need not worry about it. Be watchful, and you will be surprised: in the same proportion bliss is going to happen, and without any other effort on your part. Go on making efforts in the direction of being aware.

Source – Osho Book “The Golden Wind”