Osho Insight on Mind – Mind lives in discontentment

Osho – Mind lives in discontentment. That is its food. To be discontented is its nourishment. If you become contented mind dies out of starvation… and the mind has to die, only then you can know who you are. So learn the ways of being contented.

Whatsoever is, feel grateful for it. Don’t ask for more and you will be cutting the very roots of the mind. Mind lives in the more. If you have money it says, “Have more.” If you have knowledge it says, “Have more.” Whatsoever you have — it doesn’t matter what it is — mind says “More”, and it goes on saying “More, more…” When you have attained that, again it is there asking for more. That more is unquenchable.

Seeing the absurdity of it, one drops it. One no more runs after the horizon because one knows there is no horizon. It only appears. It looks so close by, just ten, fifteen miles away. If you run you can reach within two hours, but by the time you reach there, it is not there; it is again fifteen miles ahead. It is always fifteen miles ahead. There is no way to bridge the gap.

The more is the horizon and mind is always asking for it; hence mind lives in misery. Mind is hell. And the best way to cut its roots is: to drop asking for more. Rather start enjoying that which is available. Rather than being miserable because you don’t have more, be blissful for whatsoever you have and enjoy it, relish it, rejoice in it. And you will be surprised that immediately you are the richest person in the world, immediately you are no more a beggar.

And once the more disappears, the mind disappears. Mind is equivalent to more and more and more. Let the mind die so that you can be reborn.

Source – Osho Book “Dance Til the Stars Come Down From the Rafters”