Osho – The mind has to cease, completely cease for the truth to be

Osho – Knowledge that is borrowed from others is untrue, knowledge that is gathered from scriptures is untrue. It may have come from a very original source, from a Jesus, from a A Lao Tzu, from a Zarathustra — it does not matter, because truth is untransferable. There is no way to express it. So whatsoever information you gather from scriptures, and from others is all rubbish. One has to unlearn it. Slowly slowly one has to unburden oneself.

When your being is totally unburdened, when your slate is completely clean, when there is no writing on you, then suddenly an invisible writing starts appearing. Your own being becomes your scripture. Then for the first time you come across the Bible, the book of the books, then for the first time you read the Vedas, never before that. This can happen only through meditation; not by studies, not by logical, intellectual understanding, but by becoming more and more thoughtless, alert, silent. You can only be on the receiving end inside.

But if you are full of knowledge it is difficult: your knowledge will hinder it. It won’t allow it to happen. Your mind will go on continuously fabricating, manufacturing. The mind has to cease, completely cease for the truth to be.

One has to become again ignorant, innocent, childlike. Then something immensely beautiful starts growing in you. Call it wisdom, call it true knowledge, call it realization or whatsoever you will, but remember one thing: true knowledge has to happen within you; it is always yours, it is never borrowed, it cannot be learned from others. You have to dig deep within yourself — it is already there.

Source – Osho Book “Fingers Pointing to the Moon”