Osho – If you can wait without desiring, everything will happen to you

Osho – Stop wishing! You have been living in hells because you have been wishing. Stop desiring! Stop desiring and the doors are open. Desiring is bringing your mind into existence. Try to understand the nature of desire.

Desiring means projecting your past into the future, and the future is unknown, and whatsoever you ask will be from the past. All desiring will repeat the past again and again. How can you desire the unknown? That which is in the future, how
can you desire it? You don’t know it. The future is the unknown, the past is the known. If you desire, it will be from the past.

Mulla Nasruddin was on his deathbed. Somebody asked him, “If you were born again, would you like to make any change or would you like to live the same life again?”

Mulla brooded long. Then he opened his eyes; he said, “One thing: I always wanted to part my hair in the middle — and that would be the only change. I have been parting my hair on the right and I always wanted to part it in the middle. Otherwise, everything would be repeated as it is.”

It looks stupid but this is how it is. If you think, if another chance is given to you, what will you do? All the changes that you will want to make will not be more than Mulla is asking: they will be just a parting of the hair in the middle. You would like to have another woman, but what difference does it make? You would like another profession. What difference does it make? It will not be more than parting the hair in the middle.

You cannot ask from the past, and the future is unknown. Because you go on asking from the past, you move in a vicious circle. That circle is the world, the SANSAR, the coming and going, being born again and dying again. Again and again you do the same. Not a single basic change! There cannot be because whatsoever you think, you think out of the known. The
known is your past. Then what to do? Don’t desire. Let the future come without you desiring it. The future WILL come — it need not be desired. It is already coming. You need not force your projections on it. Be passive, don’t be active about it. Let it come! Don’t ask anything about it — that’s what the meaning of desirelessness is. It is not moving from the world, renouncing the world and going to the Himalayas — all those things are immature.

Leaving, renouncing, means not desiring, and waiting without any desire. Just waiting: “Whatsoever happens we will be a witness to it.” If you can wait without desiring, everything will happen to you — and then it happens from the totality, from the whole, from God itself. If you ask, desire, it will happen, but it will happen out of you. And then you move within yourself, never allowing existence to happen to you — enclosed.

Source – Osho Book “The Hidden Harmony”