Osho – the sannyasin has to learn not to defend stupidities

Osho – A psychoanalyst was going into an elevator with a young woman, his patient, and he farted so loudly and the smell was so foul that the woman said ‘Was it you?’ And the man said ‘What do you think? Do I smell like that the whole time? It is only once in a while.’

People defend everything! And the sannyasin has to learn not to defend stupidities. He has to drop them, he has to go beyond them. He has to become aware that ‘Nothing belongs to me,’ that ‘Nothing is mine,’ that ‘In fact I don’t exist. There is no such entity as I. There is a consciousness inside but it has no idea of I at all.’

When you become silent and meditative you simply know you are but there is no notion of I, not at all. You have an existential feeling, but there is no ego at all. That is the moment when one transcends all kinds of stupidities and then great fragrance is released. And that fragrance is not only a blessing to you, it becomes a blessing to the whole existence.

Whenever there is a man like Buddha or Jesus, the whole existence takes a tremendous leap towards the heights. Just a single man becoming a Buddha takes the whole humanity upwards. People may not be aware of it at all, but whatsoever humanity is now, whatever it is today, it is only because of a dozen people — not more than that.

Those dozen people are the very salt of the earth. Remove them and man will be hanging from the trees, he will be a monkey again; all evolution will disappear. Even Charles Darwin will be hanging from the trees. It is because of Buddha, Lao Tzu, Bahauddin, Basho, these few people, that humanity has slowly slowly come to a point of growth. But it is still individual effort that can make you a Buddha; it has not become a universal phenomenon.

Of course, we are more fortunate, because the pioneers were in more difficulty. And if we miss, then it is really unfortunate. My observation is that each of my sannyasins can become a Buddha. Just a little effort and just a little understanding and we can fill the whole earth with people aflame with love and joy, aflame with godliness.

Source – Osho Book “The Golden Wind”