Osho Quotes on Existence, Osho Sayings on Existence

Osho Quotes on Existence

  1. Existence has taken care to keep every essential thing in its own hands. What is given to you is trivia; all essential things that are absolutely necessary for life are still in the hands of existence. When you reach in deep meditation to your roots, you will find that a door opens into the beyond and you know that every moment life is rushing into you. The more you become open, at the center, the more life you have  —  abundance of life, so much that you would like to share with the whole world; still it is inexhaustible.
  2. It is up to you to throw away all that upbringing and let this small moment be all — and you have attained everything. Then you need not worry. Existence takes care. Existence is very compassionate.
  3. The real thing is that you are suffering from your expectations. When they are not fulfilled — and they are never going to be fulfilled — frustration arises, failure arises, and you feel neglected, as if existence does not care for you.
  4. Mind would like clear-cut things, but nothing can be done about it. Mind’s requirements and expectations cannot be fulfilled. Existence has no obligation to fulfill mind’s requirements and demands. You have to accept existence as it is. It is paradoxical and mind is not paradoxical. Mind is linear, logical, not dialectical. As far as mind is concerned it is Aristotelian, and as far as life is concerned it is more Hegelian than Aristotelian. It is dialectics: it moves from thesis to antithesis, and so on, so forth. The whole movement depends on thesis and antithesis. The polar opposites are really not opposites but complementaries.
  5. Existence does not care who you are, American or Russian. It never yields to anybody — it simply goes in its own way. By making an effort to fulfill your desires, to force nature, existence, to come behind you, you are creating causes of pain, suffering. The moment you understand, you drop these causes. And the dropping of the causes is the disappearance of all your misery.
  6. Love, enjoy, celebrate, and you will be creating heaven — because whatsoever you are, if you are happy, if you are joyous, you share your happiness and your joy. You can share only that which you are — and when you share it, it rebounds on you. That is the law. Life reflects and echoes whatsoever you throw at life — it comes back, a thousandfold it comes back. Smile, and the whole existence smiles at you. Shout and abuse, and the whole existence shouts and abuses you. And you are the root cause; you create the whole process. It is not that the existence is interested in shouting and abusing you. The existence is neutral; it simply reflects, it is a mirror. You make an ugly face, and you see an ugly face in the mirror. And you smile, and the mirror smiles. And remember, the rewards and punishments don’t come from the outside; you create them.
  7. All worries disappear the moment we drop the idea of separation, all anguish disappears, because worries exist only as part of the ego. We are worried because we feel that we have to survive, that we have to fight, that we have to protect; that nobody is taking care of us; we have to take the whole care; that existence seems to be utterly neutral, careless. That’s why we are so much in anguish.
  8. EXISTENCE is paradoxical; paradox is its very core. It exists through opposites, it is a balance in the opposites. And one who learns how to balance becomes capable of knowing what life is, what existence is, what God is. The secret key is balance.
  9. The moment you are awake the whole existence supports you, the whole existence becomes tremendously friendly. That is what Buddha means by “gods watch him, watch over him” — every care is taken of him. Not that there are gods, but the whole existence itself, all the elements of nature, visible, invisible, start becoming very friendly towards the man who is awake, because he is the most precious treasure. In him nature has become fulfilled, in him existence has blossomed. He is the goal of all existence: the whole existence is moving towards buddhahood. And whenever one person becomes a buddha, a shiver of joy goes all over the universe… ripples of joy, great rejoicing.
  10. If the whole existence is one, and if the existence goes on taking care of trees, of animals, of mountains, of oceans — from the smallest blade of grass to the biggest star — then it will take care of you too. Why be possessive? Possessiveness shows simply one thing: that you can’t trust existence; you have to arrange separate security for yourself, safety for yourself. You cannot trust existence. Non-possessiveness is basically trust in existence.
  11. Don’t be worried about no-effort. Just take care of all the efforts possible. Leave no-effort to existence itself! When you have done everything, suddenly existence becomes so compassionate towards you that flowers start showering on you. With your effort you were not able even to get a single flower. And with no-effort you suddenly find flowers are raining all over you.
  12. Trust life, remain calm and quiet, and know that deep down that everything is going to be all right. And you will always find that it is so. This is my whole life’s experience, and not only my own but the experience of thousands of my sannyasins moving in the same way, trusting in the same way and finding that life cares, that existence is not neutral, that it is not indifferent and cold, that it is very warm towards you, that it wants in every way to help you. It is just that when you become too anxious, you lose contact.
  13. Life is very paradoxical — it is not linear, it is not logical. And because of the language and its line-structure, time is created: past, present, future. In fact, there is no past and no future, there is only present. It is all eternity. Existence has no past and existence has no future. Existence lives in eternity; it is always NOW.
  14. When things are no longer important, only consciousness becomes important. When things are no longer significant, a new search, a new door opens. Then you are not rushing towards the without: you start slipping into the within. The kingdom of God is within. And once you drop identifying with things, suddenly you are no longer fighting — there is no point. You start moving with the river of existence. Arrival at home is effortless.
  15. Everybody is immensely strong because everybody is immensely divine. Everybody is strong because everybody is rooted in God, in the very origin of existence. Remember it The human mind tends to forget it. When you forget it, you become weak. When you become weak,.you start trying some artificial ways to become strong. That’s what millions of people are doing. Searching for money, what are you really searching? You are searching power, you are searching strength. Searching for prestige, political authority, what are you searching? You are searching power, strength — and strength is all the time available just by the corner. You are searching in wrong places.
  16. You will not be able to know-truth unless you have become capable of listening to the ancient music of AUMKAR. This music is the very heartbeat of existence; this music is the very door of existence. You will not be able to enter the temple of God — but this music is the bridge. Only on this music, riding on this music, will you enter him. The kingdom of God is available only to those who have become capable of listening to the eternal music.
  17. God is whispering. God is a whisper. And you are deaf and God cannot shout. He is incapable of it because he cannot be aggressive, because he cannot interfere, because he cannot trespass, because he respects your freedom. He whispers and you are deaf. The whole of existence is a whisper — it is very subtle. Unless you are tuned, unless you have become capable of listening to the whisper, you will not be able to understand — you will not be able to hear the music.
  18. The greatest mystery is that those who have desires live like beggars. They live in bondage, are bound to live like beggars. And those who have transcended desire live like emperors. It seems existence follows a very paradoxical law.
  19. Existence is multi-dimensional; there are many aspects to it. Not only multi-dimensional, existence is paradoxical. Day and night are together there — but when we see, we see day as separate, night as separate. Life and death are together there — but when we see, we see life as separate, death as separate. In fact we see them as enemies. They are not enemies — life moves into death, death moves into life. They are like valleys and mountains — TOGETHER. Mountains cannot exist without valleys, valleys cannot exist without mountains. Wherever valleys are, mountains will be; wherever mountains are, valleys will be. They are together.
  20. The whole is your mother. The whole is not indifferent to you. Let this truth penetrate as deeply as possible in your heart, because even this awareness that the whole feels happy with you will change you. Then you are not alienated, then you are not a foreigner here. Then you are not a homeless wanderer, then this is a HOME. And the whole mothers you, cares about you, loves you. So it is natural that when somebody becomes a buddha, when somebody reaches the ultimate peak, the whole existence dances, the whole existence sings, the whole existence celebrates. Literally true it is. It is not a metaphor, remember; otherwise you will miss the whole point.
  21. To know this, that existence mothers you, is to know God. There is no other God — just this feeling, this tremendous feeling, this penetrating feeling, that the existence loves you, protects you, helps you and showers many many blessings on you; that the existence is graceful towards you, that you are not alienated, that you are not a stranger, that this is your home. To feel that “This existence is my home” is to know God.
  22. If you don’t like the word ‘God’, you can drop it. I am not a fanatic about language. You can call it ‘the Existence’, ‘the Unknown’, ‘the Truth’, ‘the Ultimate’, ‘the Absolute’ — or anything. Any name will do — X, Y, Z — because it has no name. It is not particular so it cannot have any name; it is not particular so it cannot have any adjective. It is the Universal. It is That which is.
  23. A really religious person has a totally different approach towards life: it is not of fear, it is of tremendous love. His God comes out of his love, his God is nothing but another name for his total love. His God is another name for his total orgasmic joy with existence.
  24. Become mad in the name of God! Become mad in sheer joy! and then you will know what a Baul is. There is no way to define; I can only indicate. There is no way to even describe, but I am here, present — I am a Baul. You look into me, taste me a little, eat me, drink me; that may give you some definition. And if you really want, if you really desire the definition, then become a Baul. There is no other way to know it. To know God one has become a God, because you can know only that which you have become. Only existence, and the experience of existence, can enlighten you, nothing else.
  25. What is the true name of God? Nobody knows. The true name cannot be known — and all the names that are known are coined by man. If you really want to understand, then this whole existence that surrounds you is his true name, his true address. He is spread all over. Listen to life, listen to its call, listen to its great temptation, listen to its invocation, listen to its challenge and be courageous, and each moment God will be revealed to you. In intense passion, in intense love, in intense awareness, he is always revealed.