Osho Quotes on Buddha and Full Moon Night

Today 27th May, 2010 is Buddha’s Enlightenment day.

Today’s Full moon is celebrated as Buddha Purnima Day.

Purnima means full moon.

On this day, Buddha realized His buddha nature.

here are some Osho Quotes on Buddha anf full moon night

  1. Gautam Buddha was born on a full-moon night. He became enlightened on a full-moon night. He died on a full-moon night. This cannot be just coincidence. His type has something to do with a synchronicity with the full-moon night.
  2. Buddha has said, “When I disappeared, I saw stars within me, sun rising, sunset, full-moon nights — everything within me, not without me. It was my boundary that had been keeping them out. Now the boundary is no more; everything has fallen in. Now I am the whole.”
  3. Don’t go on counting other people’s sheep. Go in! Don’t go on reading scriptures. Go in! Don’t go on listening to others’ words. Share the way! If you come across a buddha you are fortunate. If you fall in love with a buddha you are blessed. Don’t just go on listening to his words. Follow the way, share the way! Look where he is pointing, don’t start worshipping his finger.
  4. When the moon is there in the night it is far easier to meditate. The full-moon night is the best for meditation. Many people who have become buddhas have attained their enlightenment on the full-moon night, even Buddha himself. It may have been a coincidence, but it is significant to remember: he was born on the full-moon night, he became enlightened on the full-moon night and he died on the full-moon night. Something in the full moon seemed to be synchronizing with his energy. Use it. Be alert and use every possibility to help you go in. Once you are awakened, then there is no problem. Then you can be at ease, at rest, at peace, anywhere.
  5. Gautam Buddha was born on full moon night; he became enlightened on full moon night — the same full moon night, the same month. And he died on the same full moon night, the same month. He must have been really in deep communication with the moon. It is not visible; everything need not be visible. We are connected with the whole universe. The moment your ego disappears, this connection with the whole becomes absolutely certain. There is no need to worship — you are then worshipping yourself.
  6. More people — in fact all except Mahavira — have become enlightened on a full-moon night. Mahavira is the only exception; he became enlightened on a no-moon night. Gautam Buddha was born on a full-moon night, became enlightened on a full-moon night, died on a full-moon night. He is a perfect example of the hypnotic spell of the moon. Many more people go mad on the full-moon night — these are approved statistics — and more people commit suicide on full-moon nights.
  7. In every Zen monastery on the fullmoon night people just sit under their trees and watch the full moon. The full moon has become symbolically connected with Gautam Buddha. And just watching and witnessing the full moon, they enter into deep meditation.
  8. In Zen, on the fullmoon night of every month, they watch the moon the whole night. And as they go on witnessing the moon, a deep tranquility and silence descends over them, particularly on the night when Gautam Buddha was born, became enlightened, and died. So this is a special, very special night for the people belonging to the small stream of Zen.
  9. I have to remind you of Gautam Buddha himself. For six years continually he tried all the methods and all the disciplines available in those days, but nothing happened. He became so tired, so utterly bored, that one full-moon night sitting under a tree, he dropped even the desire for enlightenment. He had dropped all other desires. The only desire that he had been carrying for six years — on that full-moon night he dropped that too. Utterly desireless he slept a tremendously deep sleep. And as he woke up in the morning, the last star was setting, and as the last star disappeared, he became enlightened.
  10. Gautam Buddha became enlightened on the night when he had decided to drop all efforts. He was tired, he has done everything that was told by the masters, teachers, scriptures and he did everything to his best and nothing had happened. Twelve years had passed since he had left his palace and his hands were as empty as ever. It was a full moon night, sitting under a tree he decided that the whole search was futile — `I am finished with it.’
  11. A buddha does not meditate, he is meditation.
    Gather the experience, remember the way —
    no-mind is the way —
    and remember the blessings, the ecstasy
    that is now in this moment
    showering on you.
    All these flowers, all these roses,
    bring their perfume at least with you.