Osho Quotes on Unawareness, Osho Sayings on Unawareness

Osho Quotes on Unawareness

  1. Awareness is virtue, unawareness is sin.
  2. Misery is symbolic of unawareness; bliss is symbolic of awareness.
  3. Consciousness means remembrance, awareness; and sin means unawareness, forgetfulness.
  4. Ego is the state of utter unawareness. The mind has taken possession of your whole being; it has spread like a cancer all over you, nothing is left out. The ego is the cancer of the inner, the cancer of the soul.
  5. What is needed is: Move from sleep to awakening. The journey is inward; not from this place to that place, not from here to the Himalayas — but from unconsciousness to consciousness, from unawareness to awareness.
  6. Awareness is eternal, it knows no death. Only unawareness dies. So if you remain unconscious, asleep, you will have to die again. If you want to get rid of this whole misery of being born and dying again and again, if you want to get rid of the wheel of birth and death, you will have to become absolutely alert. You will have to reach higher and higher into consciousness.
  7. If you go deeply into Jesus you will understand only one thing: that to act with awareness is virtue and to act with unawareness is sin. Sin is not a quality of any act. Neither is virtue. Sin and virtue belong to the presence or absence of awareness. It is not WHAT you do which is sin or virtue. it is HOW you do it: aware or unaware. It doesn’t depend on the action. It depends, deep down, on the consciousness — what quality you bring to it.
  8. There is only one sin and that is unawareness, and only one virtue and that is awareness. Do whatsoever you are doing, but remain a witness to it, and immediately the quality of your doing is transformed.
  9. What is right and what is wrong — it depends. All I can say to you, all I would like you to be aware of is: any act done in awareness is right and any act done in unawareness is wrong. The act does not matter as far as I am concerned, my approach is concerned, my philosophy of life is concerned; the act does not matter, what matters is your consciousness. Are you acting unconsciously or consciously?
  10. Remember, there are two natures. One is when you are asleep; then many things are natural. Somebody insults you, you become angry, and that is NATURAL — but only in unconsciousness, in sleep. You insult the Buddha, he does not become angry — that is higher nature, a totally different kind of nature. He is functioning from a different center altogether. He may feel compassion for you, not anger. He functions through awareness, you function through unawareness.
  11. Remember, meditation is not something that is done by the mind, it is the absence of the mind. When the mind stops meditation happens. It is not something out of the mind, it is something beyond the mind. And whenever you are alert, the mind is not. So we can conclude that your sleepiness is your mind, your unawareness is your mind, your somnambulism is your mind. You move as if drunk, not knowing who you are, not knowing where you are going, not knowing why you are going.
  12. Our consciousness is in a deep bondage; we are chained. Inside is our prison, not outside. The walls of the prison are not outside us; it exists deep in our unconscious. It exists in our instincts, it exists in our desires, it exists in our unawareness. Freedom is the goal. Awareness is the method to reach that goal.
  13. Either you can think or you can watch your breathing. You can’t do both together. Breathing and thinking are such processes that only one can exist in you — in awareness. In unawareness, both can continue: you can go on breathing and you can go on thinking. But if you become aware, either you can think or you can breathe; and when you breathe with awareness, thinking disappears. Your whole consciousness becomes focused on breathing. And breathing is such a simple process: you need not do it, it is already happening. You can just bring your consciousness to it.
  14. Misery is the shadow of the mind: mind means sleep, mind means unconsciousness, mind means unawareness. Mind means not knowing who you are and still pretending that you know. Mind means not knowing where you are going and still pretending that you know the goal, that you know what life is meant for — not knowing anything about life and still believing that you know.
  15. Bring your whole mind to light and you will see — all that is miserable starts dying, and all that is beautiful and blissful starts sprouting. In the light of consciousness, that which remains is good, and that which dies is bad. That’s my definition of sin and virtue. Virtue is that which can grow with absolute awareness; there is no difficulty. Sin is that which cannot grow with awareness; it needs unawareness to grow. Unawareness is a must for it.
  16. Misery is caused by your unawareness, bliss is caused by your awareness; and between the unaware mind and the aware mind is the whole of life — the world and nirvana. Unconscious you are in the world conscious you are in nirvana. Unconscious you belong to Caesar, conscious you belong to Christ. You are the same person, and the energy that becomes conscious or remains unconscious is also the same. When consciousness is asleep — it is unconscious. It can be provoked, it can be brought to awareness, it can burn as a bright light. Consciousness burning like a flame, like a bright light, is bodha. And when your whole being becomes full of light you have become awareness. That’s why Siddharth Gautama is called Buddha; the name comes from the root ‘bodha’. Bodha is the process, buddha is the ultimate result.