Osho Quotes on Witnessing and Meditation

Osho Meditation Quotes

  1. What is the quality of religiousness? The quality of religiousness is to be centered in your witnessing being. Out of that witnessing a great awareness arises in you; the spring comes to your life and thousands of flowers of compassion, of love, of blissfulness. All around the fragrance of the ultimate surrounds you.
  2. Remember only one quality that buddha has. That quality is witnessing. Whatever is happening, just be a witness, don’t be identified. You are not the body, you are not the mind, you are not the astral body. You are not the silence, you are not all those flowers that are showering on you. You are only a witness. The witness is the very being of a buddha.
  3. This witnessing is the ultimate experience of life because it opens the doors of miracles. The first miracle is, it makes you aware of your originality. It takes away all the dust that has gathered upon your mirror. It washes away all thoughts and leaves behind only the original man.
  4. In that witnessing your Buddhahood will become more and more powerful. Witnessing is the nourishment for your Buddhahood. And the more powerful your Buddhahood is, the less anxiety there is. The day your Buddhahood is complete, all anxiety is gone.
  5. Remember only one thing, which is eternal in you, and that is the witnessing consciousness. Just witness everything. The body is not you — witness. The mind is not you — witness. All the experiences that are happening to you — the great silence, the peace, the joy, the ecstasy, you are a witness. You remain always above and beyond. This beyondness, this witnessing, is your real buddha dharma, your authentic nature, your divine individuality.
  6. Your witnessing consciousness is just existential. It is here. And if your meditation does not bring you to this state of watchfulness, it is a false meditation. If it brings you to any god, you are befooling yourself, you are dreaming.
  7. This is your buddha-nature, beyond the body, beyond the mind. Just a watching, just a witnessing is the buddha.
  8. Remember, the logical mind is continually going to deprive you of the right direction. The right direction is bound to be that you will become less and less, because all that is false will be understood as false. A moment will come when you will know that everything is false. You are just a witness, at the most, a point of witnessing. But this is only half the journey. Before knowing the truth, one has to know the false — because we live in the false. So we have to know it, we have to drop it, and we have to be empty of the false, utterly empty, so that the truth of our being can fill the space. There will be a gap, a very small gap… but it will look like eternity.
  9. Remember the constant mirroring that goes on twenty-four hours within you, silently watching everything. Slowly, slowly clean it — there is so much dust on it, centuries of dust. Remove the dust. And one day, when the mirror is completely clean, those moments of witnessing and not-witnessing will disappear; you will be simply a witness.
  10. Your mind is a constant traffic of thoughts, and it is always rush hour, day in, day out. Meditation means to watch the movement of thoughts in the mind.
  11. Just be an observer, as if you are standing by the side of the road watching the traffic — no judgment, no evaluation, no condemnation, no appreciation — just pure observation.
  12. As you become more and more accustomed to observation, a strange phenomenon starts happening. If you are ten percent aware, that much energy has moved from the mind process to the observer; now the mind has only ninety percent energy available. A moment comes… you have fifty percent of energy. And your energy goes on growing as mind goes on losing its energy. The traffic becomes less and less and less, and you become more and more and more. Your witnessing self goes on increasing in integrity, expanding; it becomes stronger and stronger. And the mind goes on becoming weaker and weaker: ninety percent observer and ten percent mind, ninety-nine percent observer and only one percent mind. One hundred percent observer and the mind disappears, the road is empty; the screen of the mind becomes completely empty, nothing moves. There is only the observer.
  13. Meditation is not mind, and mind cannot create meditation. Meditation is getting out of the mind, becoming a watcher of the mind, witnessing all the stuff that goes through the mind — the desires, imaginations, thoughts, dreams, all that goes on in the mind. You become simply a witness. Slowly slowly, this witnessing becomes stronger, becomes more centered, rooted. And suddenly you understand one thing: that you are one with the witnessing, not with the mind; that the mind is as much outside you as anything else.
  14. Sannyas is not a question of doing: it is a question of awareness, understanding, observation, witnessing.