Short Quotes of Osho

Osho Short Quotes

  1. Religion is nothing but a science to attain wisdom, understanding, to know what life is, and to live it in utter celebration.
  2. Eat, taste the food, and still remember that you are the watcher.
  3. Celebration is the very nature of existence.
  4. Mind always creates duality.
  5. Mind cannot think without duality. Duality is the way of thinking. In silence, all dualities disappear. Oneness is the experience of silence.
  6. Your absence is the presence of godliness.
  7. The authentic religion teaches you to discover your immortality, to discover the god within you.
  8. This watchfulness, this witnessing is the ultimate secret of creating a religious life, of creating a life of transcendence, a life of spirituality, of enlightenment, of buddhahood.
  9. Without any fight, just being a witness, mind disappears.
  10. Knowledge is the barrier to knowing. When knowledge is dropped, knowing flowers.
  11. The falisity of life is the first step towards truth. And ego is the most falsifying agent.