Osho Meditation Quotations, Osho Quotations on Meditation

Osho Meditation Quotations

  1. Concentration is mind and meditation is no-mind.
  2. Meditation is possible only when you are unmotivated: you don’t have any desire. When there is no desire, there is meditation. Meditation is a state of desirelessness.
  3. Concentration has nothing to do with meditation.
  4. Look at the world and drop judgments, and you will have such a pure atmosphere around you — no appreciation, no condemnation, just a pure watchfulness. This watchfulness, I call meditation.
  5. If the mind stops chattering, don’t start patting your back. Just remain calm and quiet, alert and watchful.
  6. Meditation simply means the process of unconditioning the mind. Whatsoever the society has done has to be undone. When you are unconditioned you will be able to see the beauty of love and freedom together; they are two aspects of the same coin. If you really love the person you will give him or her absolute freedom — that’s a gift of love. And when there is freedom, love responds tremendously.
  7. Meditation means no-mind. Meditation means non-aggressive receptivity — openness.
  8. The memory cannot project anything which it has not known. It can only project the known: it will project it. Do not fall into the trap. Do not allow the mind to project for the future even for a moment. Of course, it will take time to be without this dead habit. To begin to be aware of it is meditation. And once you are aware, completely aware, intensely aware, alert, the memory will not weave the future for you.
  9. That’s what meditation is — just getting beyond the mind and beyond time, and you have entered into eternal silence, into eternal life. And once you have tasted that life your whole existence becomes a celebration.
  10. No-mind is really the antidote to the disease called God. No-mind is your freedom.  All chains dropped, all thoughts dropped, all feelings dropped … suddenly you find only the purest essence has remained. All that was covering it, layer upon layer, has been dropped. This dropping I call meditation. Finally only a witness, a sakshi, remains — just a pure awareness. This is ultimate freedom, and the authentic religion is for ultimate freedom and ultimate liberation.
  11. Meditation is a kind of death. You are separated from the body, you are separated from the mind — that’s what death does. You are separated from the body, you are separated from the mind. Suddenly you become aware of a luminous being, which you think is separate from you because you have never seen such an experience before. If you have been a meditator, you would have recognized — “This is me.”
  12. Dignity arises out of meditation. Ego arises out of mind.
  13. Concentration is focused consciousness. Meditation is just aware consciousness.
  14. Concentration is directional, meditation is non-directional. Concentration has an object, a content. Meditation has no object, no content; it is just an opening. You are listening to me, a bird starts singing — that too you listen to, a train passes by — that too you listen to. You are not listening to me . All is included. You are open from all the sides, not only open to me. This is a higher stage of evolution than concentration is: it is de-concentration.