Osho Random Quotes, Freedom is our most precious treasure

Osho Quotes

  1. Freedom is our most precious treasure. Don’t lose it for anything. And anything that comes out of it as an offshoot — love, friendliness — will have a great beauty to it, and will never create any misery; there is no point.
  2. To be a buddha is not only a revolution within you, it is a revolution in your very conception of the world, of relationships, of love, of friendship. The revolution is total. It changes all your perceptivity, all your conceptuality. It changes all your old mechanical habits. It makes you for the first time not a robot.
  3. Don’t start with enmity; otherwise you will destroy life and your whole energy will be engaged in destruction — and existence is creative. You can enjoy it, you can become one with it, only when you are creative.
  4. Love is something which is nobody’s monopoly. A loving person is simply a love-radiating energy. And when there are thousands of people radiating love, there is a certain energy field. I called it the Buddhafield. Anybody who comes will receive the love, the friendship, the hospitality… but people are afraid to come.
  5. Whenever the time is ripe, your watchfulness is perfect, thoughts will disappear — and their disappearance means the opening of the whole existence. This is what I call meditation.
  6. As your meditation deepens, as you become more silent, as you become more peaceful, as you become more balanced, centered, alert, conscious, a contentment starts following you like a shadow; but that is not your doing.
  7. Meditation is not a social revolution, it is an individual revolution. It is an appeal to the individual soul: You take responsibility in your own hands. Don’t be contented, because there is so much more potential in you. You are only seeds, and if seeds become contented that is suicide. You have to become sprouts, you have to become trees, you have to dance in the breeze, in the sun, in the moon, in the wind. You have to blossom, you have to release the fragrance that is hidden in you. And unless your fragrance is released, you will not find contentment, authentic contentment that comes on its own — not created by you; that is strictly hypocrisy.
  8. Meditation is a revolution in the individual.
  9. Meditation is the way to go out of discontentment, out of anguish. You have to become just a watcher, a witness of the mind.
  10. But people are more afraid of love than anything else, because love is a kind of death. Your ego has to die. Only then will your heart be spacious enough for love to come in. But I warn you: beware! I come as a guest and soon I become the host. If you are ready to take the risk…. So many of the people here have taken the risk, and once they have taken the risk, they are grateful that this tremendous transformation became possible for them.
  11. I have distributed my love to everyone, deserving or undeserving, because that is my way of thinking. Everyone deserves love, just as everyone deserves breathing. Everybody is worthy of love, just as everybody is worthy of living.
    Love is the nourishment of your soul.