Osho on Suffering and Happiness – Suffering has a cause, happiness none

Osho – Remember this, that whenever happiness comes to you, it comes for no reason at all. Suffering has a cause, happiness none. Suffering is caused by something. It is part of cause and effect: the mechanical world. Happiness is not caused by anything. Whenever you are available, it happens, as if happiness is your nature; whenever you settle into it, it happens. Unhappiness is not your nature. It has to be caused, it has to be created.

Remember, others can cause suffering for you, but they cannot cause happiness. Once you understand this, they cannot even cause suffering. You can cause suffering for others, you cannot cause happiness. Once you understand this, you stop causing suffering also. Suffering is part of the cause-and-effect chain. Happiness is a spontaneous arousal of life. Where there is no cause for suffering, suddenly it is there. It has always been there, but you have been too focused on suffering.

That’s why Buddha says,’Don’t be worried about happiness, about bliss. Don’t talk about SATCHITANAND, don’t talk about ultimate bliss — there is no need. Just know how not to cause suffering.’ If suffering is not there, the very absence of suffering is bliss, because bliss is your intrinsic nature. It is not something that comes from the outside.

Watch: whenever suffering is felt, you will always feel as if it is coming from the outside, and whenever you feel happy, you simply feel that happiness is arising from within you. Happiness is a flower of your own consciousness. Suffering is a thorn which has entered into you: alien, foreign, not of you. So whenever you suffer you start thinking that somebody, somewhere, must be responsible for it; known, not known, but somebody must be responsible for it.

Whenever you are happy you never think that somebody is responsible for it. Whenever you suffer, you enquire as to the cause. Whenever you are happy, you never even ask. If somebody is happy and he asks,’Why am I happy?’ it will look absurd, it will look foolish, it will look mad. You are happy — that’s all. There is no ‘why’ to it. But if somebody in suffering asks,’Why am I in suffering?’ nobody can say that he is asking irrelevant things.’Why’ with suffering is relevant, with bliss it is irrelevant.

Source – Osho Book “Come Follow To You Vol 4”