Osho on Contentment – Contentment is a key: it opens the door of paradise

Osho – To be contented means: don’t expect anything from life, just live it moment to moment, and whatsoever it gives is just fantastic. Life goes on pouring infinite treasures on us. And because of this mind asking for more, we remain blind to those treasures. Once this constant noise for more stops, then this chirping of the bird is enough. There is nothing in it and all in it….

It is enough to turn one on; nothing else is needed. Just listening to this chirping of the bird one can fall into infinite meditation, one can disappear from the circumference, can become centered. One can simply forget the whole existence in this small music. And this moment can become so precious that the past becomes irrelevant, the future becomes irrelevant; they simply disappear. One is now and one is here. The lost paradise is regained and Adam is back home.

Contentment is a key: it opens the door of paradise. And paradise is not there – paradise is here, and paradise is not there above in the sky; it is just underneath your feet. You are standing on it, you are standing in it, you have never left it; your mind has just started wandering, dreaming.

And once you have tasted a few moments of such blissfulness the whole life is a celebration, nothing but celebration. There is no birth, no death – only celebration that goes on and on forever. But only those who know the art of being contented are capable of entering into that eternal life.

Initiation into sannyas is nothing but initiation into this art. I have no techniques to teach but only a few devices to impart. I have no philosophy, I have no belief system to give to you, but I can give you a little bit of experience of the present. All that goes on here in this commune is different aspects of the same strategy, so that somehow you are pulled out of your dreams – even if only for a few moments – and existence explodes on you in all of its presentness. Once you have tasted those few moments you will know how to enter into them on your own. I persuade people, seduce people, to live the present moment, because that is God.

Source – Osho Book “God’s Got a Thing About you”