Osho on Discontent – One who has divine discontent is the most fortunate

Osho – Deva means divine, atosha means discontent. One who has divine discontent is the most fortunate, because only those who are afire with a desire to know god will be able to know him. And the fire has to be a total fire; one has to burn at the optimum. Just a little holding back and one misses. The ego has to be completely dissolved into the desire for god. One has to die, and that’s the only way to life abundant.

People are in discontent, but their discontent is about things – prestige, power, money, et cetera. The same discontent has to be turned and focussed on god. Once all the discontent of life is focussed on god, it creates tremendous energy… energy that can transform you just by its sheer presence. You can ride on the wave of it.

People are discontented about the wrong things and contented with the wrong things too. People are topsy-turvy, upside-down. Discontent ordinarily is extrovert, but people are very contented with their own beings as they are – no desire, no urge to be transformed, not even a small flicker to be something else, to reach to the peaks of being, to have new plenitudes of consciousness.

People go on exploring the mountains, the Himalayas and the moon, but they never turn in. There they think all is as it should be, or they have not even meditated upon it at all – that man as he exists is only a potential, just a seed of great possibilities, that man as he is, is not yet actual, not yet real.

The realisation has to happen. And only those who become actual, real, live life in its totality and become aware of the mysteries of existence. Their joy is infinite and their ecstasy unending. This is the meaning of your name. Let your sannyas become a great divine discontent. God has to be found, and all has to be staked in the risk. My sannyasin has to be a gambler.

Source – Osho Book “Don’t Look Before You Leap”