Osho Quotes – You are here to eat me, to drink me, absorb me, digest me

Osho Quotes – You are here to eat me, to drink me

  1. The truly wise gives you his being, gives himself. The truly wise simply makes himself available to you, and if you are courageous you can drink and eat out of his being. That’s what Jesus means when he says to his disciples: “Eat me! Drink me!” The master has to be eaten. The master has to be absorbed, digested, only then will you stumble upon your own truth. There is nothing to learn — no Dhamma to learn, no doctrine to learn, no philosophy to learn.
  2. Living with a Master you can drink, you can drink the invisible nectar, you can be filled with it, but you will have to fulfil one condition: you have to put the mind aside.
  3. You are here to eat me, to drink me. A disciple has to be a cannibal; he has to absorb and digest the Master. Words are peripheral; they don’t matter. That’s why I can easily be inconsistent, contradictory — words don’t matter. I am not conveying anything through the words, just keeping you engaged so your heads are somewhere else in the words and your total being is available to me, is exposed to my energy.
  4. I say something to you — it can have two types of possibilities within you. One is that it may remain in the mind: you may become more knowledgeable, you may become a rabbi, a pundit, a scholar. That was not meant to be; you have misunderstood. Let it move deep down into the valley of your body. Let it become your blood, let it circulate, let it become your bones, let it become your breathing, let it become your very marrow so that you can live it. It becomes your life. Not that it adds to your information; it adds to your BEING. Let me be part of your being, not part of your knowledge. Eat me, drink me, absorb me, digest me.
  5. A Master has to be eaten, drunk. A Master has to be digested, chewed, so he enters into the deepest matter of your being. The body is the beginning and the beginning has to be transformed. Only a transformed body will know a transformed being. Only in a different rhythm of the body will you know God, because the gestalt will change.
  6. The master is a womb. He takes the disciple inside his womb. We call that womb the buddhafield. And then the disciple grows in his love, is nourished through his love, in his light. He is showered continuously with his compassion, with his understanding. And one day he comes out of the womb of the master, a totally new man. The old dies and the new is born. This is how you become twice-born.
  7. In the East, SATSANGA has been one of the most valuable methods for enlightenment. The East has said that if you are in the presence of the Master, nothing else is needed. Just be in his presence, just sit silently with him, just be with him and enlightenment will take care of itself. Whenever the right moment comes it will happen. You need not worry about it, you need not plan it, otherwise you will be in a turmoil: ‘When is this enlightenment going to happen?’ Then enlightenment has also become a desire, a greed, a lust.
  8. God is like an ocean… you may feel afraid. The Master is like a small spring; you need not be afraid. You can dance with the spring, you can let the spring fall on you, you can allow the showering. But in that very showering slowly, slowly you will be gone. And then you will be ready to go into the ocean, into the enormous, into the infinite.
  9. Becoming a sannyasin means you have become a disciple. Now you will put your mind aside, now you will get more and more in tune with my vibe. This in the East WE call SATSANGA: to be in the presence of the Master, to see the Master, to touch the Master, to be touched by the Master, to be seen by the Master. It is not a verbal communication. Verbal communication has its own purpose. Because you cannot start without verbal communication, that’s why I have to go on speaking. If I had been totally silent here you would not be here. You are here because I have spoken.
  10. To be with a master simply means to live with someone who is awake, who is no more asleep, whose dreams are finished, whose nightmares are over. And just being in tune with the master slowly slowly wakes you up. The very energy of the master starts penetrating your being. Slowly slowly it seeps into your heart, slowly slowly it gives you a new heart, a new beat. And you cannot remain long with a master without becoming awake, because he is continuously shouting, calling you forth to wake up, calling you forth to come out of your grave.
  11. In fact, discipleship, the very phenomenon of disciplehood is a kind of cannibalism. The relationship between the Master and the disciple is pure cannibalism! Jesus says to his disciples, ‘Eat me. Drink me.’ And that’s what I go on saying: Eat me, drink me, digest me, so that I can become your blood, your bones, your very marrow. The disciple has to eat the Master — about that he is right.