osho cocom commune – development / project time

swami rajneesh “our 45 acre property is within a beautiful thick dense forest
with trees and a small mountain with a river passing though it

the layout and design work is in process
modernism styling streamlined with a rustic natural look
fused with zen minimal clean lines with an earthy balinese / thai feel of tao

the osho cocom construction work begins december 2010
we plan to complete the 80 cottages
some utility spaces necessary to start functioning of the cocom
like kitchens and restaurants and important spaces like the main buddha hall within 6 months

spas will be in nature with enclosures balinese style
with proper construction blending natural elements with modernism
and a complete kerela auyervedic spa with sauna and steam

the arts village will be created within the natural landscape environment
fused with bamboo and thatched roofing thai style

nature and natural zen spaces are our major priority
the forest areas will be cleared from wild shrubs
and landscaping garden spaces created before monsoon begins

as there many plant nurseries with organic herbal plantations nearby our initial farming and herbal nursery will be started before monsoon

the river on our property will be cleaned out
and winding watercourse pathways created and the waterfalls will be fused together
with initial layout of the meandering swiming pools and gardens
we plan a small hydro progect and solar power for electricity

we hope to complete the project in 2 years
but the process of creating the osho cocom will continue
as we see it creatively growing space to space

the cocom has many creative people sharing their ideas
offering their participation out of their love and wish to see this osho cocom vision grow
with sannyasins from india portugal germany holland spain italy mexico america japan

this is an organic grassroot movement which is the beauty of the commune process
we invite you to add your creative ideas to our team gathering in goa this october
and also welcome your participation in the process of its development”

visit website http://www.oshococom.com/