Osho Quotes on Men, Osho Sayings on Men

Osho Quotes on Men

  1. Very few men are men in reality. A man is one who is a master of his mind.
  2. The masculine mind can be aggressive, violent, destructive — that is only one of the possibilities. Men have tried that, and humanity has suffered much from it.
  3. Positive masculinity is initiative, creativity, adventure. These are the same qualities, but moving on a different plane. The negative masculine mind becomes destructive, the positive masculine mind becomes creative. Destructiveness and creativeness are not two things, but two aspects of one energy. The same energy can become aggression and the same energy can become initiative.
  4. All the meditation techniques have been discovered by men, all the religious experiences have been discovered by men. All the art, all science, all poetry, even books on cookery are written by men. The best cooks in the greatest hotels of the world are men. Don’t feel inferior; and neither does the woman have to feel inferior. She creates life; without her there would be no life and without life there is no possibility of awakening, of superconsciousness, of the ultimate experience of life. All the buddhas are born of a woman, they are indebted to the woman.
  5. Both have their own uniqueness, there is no need to compare. If we accept each other in our uniqueness, men and women can become friends. Up to now they have been intimate enemies. I would like them to be intimate friends.
  6. My own experience is that women can enter into meditation more easily than men. Man has a better head — logically, intellectually, he can go far in search in the outer world — but the woman has a better heart. She’s more introvert; she can go easily, very easily, to the innermost center of her being.
  7. There are two types of mind in the world: the mind of those who dominate — the male mind, and the mind of those who like to be dominated — the female mind. By female I don’t mean women, or by male, men. There are women who have masculine minds and there are men who have feminine minds. They are not always the same.
  8. Each man needs a mother his whole life, he needs mothering, and each woman needs children. Even the husband is only the oldest child, that’s all.
  9. Women live in thought-earth, in the intuitive vision. Women live as unconscious, illogical beings. Men live in spirit-fire, logos, logic, conscious mind. Artists are feminine, scientists are masculine.
  10. Man lives in his head, he is more mental. That’s why more men go mad, more men commit suicide, but less women. Women are not so weak; man is weaker because the mind cannot be as strong as the body. The mind entered into existence very late, the body has a long experience. But this body-groundedness becomes a problem when they enter on the path towards God.
  11. Men have been taught and conditioned not to cry, not to weep. They have become stones. And remember, if a person cannot weep heartily, he cannot laugh either. And God makes no difference between woman and man, he has given the same tear glands to both. If there was going to be a distinction — that man is not to cry — there would have been no tear glands in his eyes, or there would have been less than with women. But they are exactly the same. So nature has not made it that way. It is human society creating an ego that man has to be haughty and proud. This is male chauvinism.
  12. Men have been great poets, but without a woman the poetry simply dies and withers away.
  13. The psychological investigations show that it is crying and weeping that makes women stronger in many ways — they live longer, they have more resistance against weaknesses, sicknesses. Men become sick more. Women have more resistance against pain, misery, poverty, than men, and the whole credit goes to their tears — because they can cry wholeheartedly.
  14. One has to learn to be a little feminine. The outward aggressiveness is masculine. That’s why it is a man’s world and why man has dominated down the ages. And unless women also become ugly like men they will not be able to dominate in the outside world. Unless they also become cruel, violent, aggressive, unless they also loose their grace, they will not be able to succeed. And even if they lose all their grace they will be second-rate men; they can’t be first-rate because that will not be natural to them.
  15. I have not said that — that all women are really soft, feminine and loving. Neither are all men aggressive, violent, ambitious, hard. Because deep down in you the consciousness is neither. The anima and the animus, the male and the female exist in your body chemistry. You can be a man physically, but deep inside you may have chosen the feminine part. A woman may be a woman physically but she may have chosen the masculine part — both parts are available — then the body remains feminine but the woman will become masculine.
  16. There are men who are far more feminine than any woman, and there are women who are far more masculine than any man. But this is not a beautiful state; this is ugly, because this is creating a duality in you. If you have the body of a man and the mind of a woman, there will be a conflict, a social struggle in you, a civil war in you. You will be continuously in a tug of war, fighting, tense.
  17. Every small boy has a male ego — just a small boy, if he starts crying you immediately say, “Why are you crying like a girl? A girl is allowed to cry because she is subhuman. You are going to be a big male chauvinist; you are not supposed to cry or weep.” And small boys start stopping their tears. It is very rare to find men who are as ready to cry and allow tears to flow as women are.
  18. It is true that Krishna would be incomplete without Radha. I have said more than once that Krishna is a complete man, a perfect male. This thing has to be understood in depth. There are very few men on this earth who are complete men. Every man has his feminine part and, similarly, every woman has her masculine part. Psychologists say that every human being is bisexual, that there is a woman in every man and a man in every woman. The difference between a man and a woman is one of degrees: a man is sixty percent man and forty percent woman, and similarly, a woman is sixty percent woman and forty percent man. But there are men who seem to be feminine because their female component is predominant. Similarly, there are manly women because of the preponderance of the male element in them. Krishna is an exception to this rule. I consider him to be a whole man; there is no feminine element whatsoever in him. In the same way I will call Meera a complete woman; she has no masculinity whatsoever in her.
  19. There are things which the heart is incapable of. Exactly the same is true about the head. The head cannot love, it cannot feel, it is insensitive. The heart cannot be rational, reasonable. For the whole past they have been in conflict. That conflict only represents the conflict and struggle between men and women.