Osho Quotes on Innocence, Osho Sayings on Innocence

Osho Quotes on Innocence

  1. Meditation makes you innocent, it makes you childlike. In that state, miracles are possible. That state is pure magic. A great transformation happens  — in innocence you transcend the mind, and to transcend the mind is to become the awakened one, the enlightened one.
  2. When one has innocence there are no questions. Innocence wonders, it does not question. It experiences the awe of existence and life, the beauty. It is constantly wondering what it is all about, but it is not a question. It is a heartfelt feeling. One Is surprised every moment. One is always in for a great surprise.
  3. One should live life without any prejudice and without any doctrines, without any religions, without any philosophies. Only then can one live in innocence, in purity, in spontaneity.
  4. Truth is simple, obvious, uncomplicated. All that it needs is just a silent awareness, and a great understanding descends on you, an understanding that does not become knowledge, an understanding that deepens your innocence and that deepens the mystery of life.
  5. You will have to learn the ways of purity. By purity Buddha always means innocence, the unburdened consciousness — unburdened of knowledge, unburdened of scholarship, Vedas, Bibles, Korans. They all burden you, they give you a false sense of knowing; and the false sense of knowing becomes the barrier in knowing. If you really want to become a knower you will have to drop all knowledge, you will first have to become ignorant. That is purity: a mind without any content, a mind like a child’s, a pure mind.
  6. Knowledge kills wonder. Not knowing fills you with mysterious experience. When the child opens his eyes and sees the birds and the sunrays and the trees and the greenery… and so many colors. He cannot describe them; he does not know even their names. But he lives almost in paradise. In his innocence is paradise.
  7. God comes to you when you are innocent. When you are cunning the door is closed. Never destroy anybody’s innocence, never create doubts in somebody who is innocent, because innocence is the royal power. Never create doubt in anybody, because once trust is destroyed and innocence is broken, then it is very, very difficult — it is just like a broken mirror.
  8. Religion is basically the search for childhood: the same innocence, the same joy in things, the same fearlessness… those magical eyes, that heart which was able to dance with the trees, the heart that was enchanted with the moon and the stars. That space in which existence was nothing but sheer glory, pure splendor….
  9. Truth is simple; hence innocence is needed, not knowledge. Hence a pure heart is needed, not a mind full of information. Hence love is needed, not logic. Truth IS simple.
  10. My enlightenment makes me loving without any condition, trusting without any condition. It brings my childhood back to me, my innocence.
  11. Everybody has a judgment, and when people have judgments they lose their innocence. Everybody, in the name of education and civilization has lost his childhood.
  12. The inner journey is of innocence, not of knowledge; certainly not of science, ABSOLUTELY not of technology. It is more of love, innocence, silence.
  13. Buddha does not preach any belief — belief in God, heaven or hell. His whole emphasis is on creating a silent space within you. You are already full of knowledge; more knowledge you don’t need. You need more innocence. You need an innocence like a small child. You need more wonder, more awe, more clarity.
  14. Man has forgotten the language of innocence. Man has forgotten how to relate with existence. Man has forgotten how to relate with himself! To relate with oneself means meditation. To relate with existence means prayer. Man has forgotten the very language. That’s why we appear like strangers — strangers in our own home! strangers to ourselves. We don’t know who we are, and we don’t know why we are, and we don’t know for what we go on existing. It seems to be an endless waiting… waiting for Godot.
  15. Meditation is the art of cleaning your mirror from all the dust that the society, the religion, the educational system has poured on you, to take away everything that has not been born with you, to bring you to your absolute innocence as you were born as a child.
  16. The combination of intelligence and innocence is meditation. The moment innocence and intelligence start growing within you… it is not that you become capable of solving all the problems of the mind, but a totally new thing happens: you start going beyond mind. The problems of the mind are left far behind, as if they never belonged to you — in fact they never belonged to you.
  17. Buddha says: When mind is empty, silent, you are wise. By wisdom he does not mean knowledgeability; by wisdom he means innocence. Knowledge comes from the outside, wisdom arises within. Knowledge creates noise, wisdom brings more and more silence. The wise person slowly slowly becomes utterly silent. Even if he speaks, his words carry the flavor of silence, the music of silence.
  18. An enlightened person is one who has no barrier between him and existence. And knowledge is a barrier. Knowledge divides you from existence; it keeps you separate. Not knowing unites you. Love is a way of innocence. Innocence is a bridge: knowledge is a wall. Who has ever heard of knowledgeable people becoming enlightened? They are the farthest away from enlightenment. Enlightenment grows only in the soil of innocence. Innocence means childlike wonder, awe. The enlightened person is one who is continuously wondering — because he knows nothing, so everything becomes again a mystery.