Osho Quotes on Truth, Osho Sayings on Truth

Osho Quotes on Truth

  1. When you drop the ego, you drop a whole world that you have created around it. For the first time you are able to see things as they are — not as you would like them to be. And when you are capable of knowing the facts of life, you become capable of knowing the truth. The facility of life is the first step towards truth. And ego is the most falsifying agent.
  2. The ego functions as a blindfold on your eyes. The ego keeps you blind; it does not allow you to see the truth. It creates too much smoke and the flame tends to be lost in it. The ego is like too many dark clouds around the sun — the sun gets lost. Not that those clouds can destroy the sun, but they can hide it.
  3. Seeking, you go astray; seeking, you go in dreams; seeking, you go somewhere else; and truth is here. Seeking, you go then; and truth is NOW. Seeking, you are, and seeking, you are too much. The more you seek, the more you feel you are. The harder and more arduous the seeking becomes, the stronger the ego becomes. Seeking, you are, and seeking, you are too much; and there is no space for the truth to be. You fill the whole space of your being. Seeking, you are closed.
  4. A man of truth simply says the truth; whether it hits you, makes you an enemy, who cares? The man of truth only cares about truth.
  5. You cannot make an opinion about the truth. You can experience it, you can taste it, you can be it, but you cannot have an opinion about it, because the moment truth faces you, you are no more. The ego that used to make opinions simply disappears, just as when you bring light into a dark room the darkness disappears. In fact it was never there it was only the absence of light. The moment the light is present, how can the light and the darkness exist together?
  6. Ego is the greatest lie — which you have accepted as a truth. But all vested interests are very much in favor of it, because if everybody becomes aware of egolessness, this whole Olympics going on around the world will simply come to a standstill. Nobody will want to climb Everest, they will enjoy wherever they are. They will be rejoicing.
  7. It would have been so easy if there were a truth somewhere. Howsoever difficult the way, people would have reached. The more difficult, the more far away the truth was, the more challenging to the ego. If man’s ego challenges him to reach the highest peak in the Himalayas, Everest, where nothing is to be found; if man’s ego gives him incentive to waste billions of dollars to reach the moon, risking lives…. But man has reached the moon. And the first man who walked on the moon must have looked silly to himself — there was nothing for which so much endeavor, technology, preparation was needed. Remember, the ego wants challenges. It lives through challenge.
  8. Everything is available, has been available always; you have never missed it. But just because of your seeking of the future, of the goal, you cannot look. The truth surrounds you, you exist in it. Just like the fish exist in the ocean, you exist in the truth. God is not a goal, God is what is here and now. These trees, these winds blowing, these clouds moving, the sky, you, I —  this is what God is. It is not a goal.
  9. A man of real truth has no need to be humble. He is neither egoist nor humble, because those are the same things in different quantities. Only the egoist can become humble. I cannot say I am a humble man. I cannot say that I am a simple man, because simplicity is only a lesser form of complexity, and humbleness is on a lower strata, the same as ego. They are not different; the degrees are different. I am neither humble nor egoist. I am simply just the way I am.
  10. It is exactly the same thing: when enlightenment comes, the ego has already gone out. When enlightenment comes, just as a shadow to it compassion comes in, truth comes in, beauty comes in, grace comes in, blissfulness comes in. All that you have been searching for and were never able to manage is just showered on you.
  11. Enlightenment means: you become only a presence, and that very presence is the truth. There are not two persons — the finder and the found. the seeker has dissolved, and what has remained is just a pure awareness with no identity, with no personality, with no ego. This very presence is truth. There is no other truth than your awareness.
  12. The faraway has a tremendous magnetic force, particularly for the ego, because it gives you the promise of great achievement. The psychology of the ego is contained in the word achievement: achieve something. The truth is already there, within you; you cannot achieve it, you cannot lose it, because it is your very being. That’s why millions of people never become interested in it — what is the point? You can neither lose it nor can you attain it — it is already there.
  13. With your ego you cannot know. Only in an egolessness, in a deep abyss, in the absence of the ego, does the perception happen — then you become a mirror. With the ego you will always interpret, you cannot know the truth. With the ego you will always be there interpreting in subtle ways, and your interpretation is not the truth. You are the medium of all falsification. Through you everything becomes false. When you are not there, the true reflects.
  14. Drop the mind! Stop thinking! Become more alert! See the trees and listen to the birds, with no screens of thoughts hindering the path. Meet directly! Truth is immediate, radiant, herenow. It is not that truth has to be discovered — only you have to become aware. Truth is already here.
  15. A religious person is not interested in God; he is more interested in the very source of his being, who he is: “Who am I?” That is the MOST fundamental religious question — not God, not heaven, not hell, but “Who am I?” And if you can find the truth of your own being you will have found all the truth that is necessary to know and is worth knowing. You will have found God and you will have found NIRVANA and you will have found all that the seers, the rishis, the Buddhas, the prophets, down the ages, have been telling you to inquire into.