Osho Quotes on Guilt, Osho Sayings on Guilt

Osho Quotes on Guilt

  1. You cannot be happy with guilt, remember, you cannot dance with guilt. Guilt will paralyze you: wherever you go, you cannot laugh, you cannot move in ecstasy, because you will always be afraid of the suppressed.
  2. I am here to help you unburden all your guilt feelings. I am here to help you to start trusting yourself again. Once you start trusting your own being, no politician, no priest can exploit you. Man is always exploited through fear.
  3. Guilt is not something that you are born with, it is not part of your nature. Guilt is created by the society. For example, every religion creates guilt — in different ways, but the technique is the same. All the religions live, thrive, on guilty human beings. First make them guilty — once you have succeeded in making somebody feel guilty, you have almost killed his spirit. Now he will be a soulless slave to you.
  4. Guilt is a strategy, a strategy to exploit people, to make them feel guilty. Once you have succeeded in making them feel guilty, they will be your slaves. Because of the guilt they will never be integrated enough. Because of the guilt they will remain divided. Because of the guilt they will never be able to accept themselves, they will be always condemning. Because of the guilt they will be ready to believe in anything, just to get rid of guilt. They will do anything — any nonsense, any nonsense ritual they will perform — just to get rid of the guilt. Down the centuries the priest has made people guilty. All the so-called religions exist on your guilt, they don’t exist on the existence of God. They have nothing to do with God and God has nothing to do with them. They exist on your guilt.
  5. “To err is human, to admit it is divine.” It is absolutely human to commit mistakes. To admit, without any guilt — you are simply admitting your humanity by admitting your mistakes — brings a transformation in your being. Something of the divine, something of the beyond starts opening up.
  6. When a person accumulates too much money he starts feeling guilty. Now he has to do something to unburden his guilt, so he gives to charities. This is just to console his own conscience.
  7. We have been taught for centuries to obey — and to obey in the noble cause is a virtue; to disobey is a vice, is a sin. Disobeying any noble cause will create guilt in you. Obeying will make you feel good. AND YOU may even be obeying it in spite of your own conscience. You will see the futility, the stupidity, the cruelty of it.
  8. You cannot believe all this; it is too much. You are accustomed to being condemned, you are accustomed to being punished, you are accustomed to being rejected, you are accustomed to not being accepted as you are — these things you can take very easily. Love will have a tremendous impact on you, because you will have to go through a great transformation before you can receive it. First you have to accept yourself without any guilt. You are not a sinner as the Christians and other religions go on teaching you.
  9. Man has turned this planet into a madhouse. If you want to be sane, first be yourself without any guilt, without any condemnation. Accept yourself with humbleness and simplicity. This is a gift of existence to you; feel grateful, and start searching for what can help you to grow as you are — not to become a carbon copy of somebody else, but just to remain your original self. There is no ecstasy greater than to be your original face.
  10. Religion has done a great wrong to humanity. It has wounded the human heart by creating guilt. It lives on guilt — the whole religious world. Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan, these are only different names for the same trick — how to create guilt in people. Once you have created guilt in people, they are caught in your net; you can exploit them. Guilt is the spider’s net. Make people feel guilty and they are in your power. Then you can manipulate them. You can force them to surrender. You can force them to do things for you, for the church, for the priest. They are guilty. They are afraid they are going to suffer, they want to find a way out. First create guilt, then they are bound to come to you, because they will have to find a way out of guilt. Then tell them to pray, then tell them to do some ritual, some mantra. But first the guilt has to be created.
  11. Religion does not create guilt — if it creates guilt it is not religion. Yes, Mohammedanism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, they create guilt. Let that be your definition of religion: if it creates guilt it is not a religion. It is something else pretending, something else garbed as religion, posing as religion — but it is not religion. Religion creates celebration, not guilt.
  12. People are religious either out of fear or out of greed, they are not religious out of awareness or out of love. And all these religions which have created guilt in man have created an irreligious world.
  13. If you really want to be with me, drop guilt. And the same energy that has become a guilt complex becomes celebration once it is released. Celebration is the right attitude. Celebrate all that God has given to you. I promise you that if you can celebrate all that God has given to you, you will become worthy of more. Sex disappears one day and you become capable of love. And one day love disappears and you become capable of prayer. And one day prayer disappears and you become a God yourself. But one has to start to live that which has been given to you.
  14. Don’t try to become a Christ or a Buddha or a Krishna. Just try to become yourself — that’s what God wants you to be. If he had wanted Buddhas he would have created more Buddhas. He never creates again. Once is enough. He has created you as a unique human being. Respect this unique human being that you are and live it authentically. Drop all guilt, fear, greed. Enjoy each moment of life as a great blessing from God, a BARAKA.
  15. The moralist creates guilt and guilt is the cancer of the soul. Once you become guilty you are ill and it will be very difficult for you to regain your health again. But all the so-called religions — which are not religions but only moral standpoints — have done that harm.
  16. One has to accept one’s reality so totally that there is no guilt, not even a shadow of guilt. Only then does one flower and bloom. Only a guiltless person blooms. And when I say ‘be guiltless’ I don’t mean follow these rules and don’t commit any sin then you will be guiltless. Nobody can do that. When I say ‘be guiltless’ I mean drop all the rules which create guilt. Be without rules. Trees are existing perfectly without rules; they are guiltless. Stars are existing without rules; they are guiltless. Be natural, be guiltless — with only one difference.