Osho Short Quotes

Osho Quotes

  1. I want every one of my sannyasins to be utterly unique.
  2. Sannyas is only a declaration. The work is meditation. In one single word, my religion is complete, and that is meditation.
  3. Every man has the potential to become enlightened. If he does not become, he is responsible — nobody else is responsible for it.
  4. Reaction is always unconscious; and response is always conscious.
  5. Hate can very easily turn into love, just as love can turn into hate. They are two sides of the same coin.
  6. My teaching is very simple: meditation is the key, becoming totally aware is the result. Experiencing oneness with the whole is the reward.
  7. My meditation is not something separate from life, it is something that has to be spread all over life. Your whole life has to be colored by it.
  8. Sufis say that a master accepts you not because of your inquiry, he accepts you because of your preparation.
  9. My work consists to bring you out of your cages — Hindu, Christian, Jew, communist, theist, atheist.
  10. My perception of sannyas is to be just yourself. If I say any attribute, I am imposing that attribute on my sannyasins. My sannyas is absolute freedom. With freedom of course a great responsibility comes, but that is not my business.
  11. The real function of the Master is to give you encouragement. Just by his presence, his blissful life, peaceful life, creates a certain milieu in which you can move easily toward dropping your plannings, projects, and allowing existence to happen.
  12. I have experienced so much that to die without conveying it in some way or other will be a shame.