Osho Quotes and Quotations

Osho Quotes

  1. Enlightenment means awareness, witnessing. Enlightenment is neither of the body nor of the mind. It is of the beyond. The body can be manipulated by mechanisms, the mind can be manipulated by mechanisms, but your soul is beyond and cannot be manipulated by any mechanism whatsoever.
  2. Every choice is bound to end up in a miserable state. Choicelessness is blissfulness. And choicelessness is let-go.
  3. I am not against sex; when you are feeling very prayerful, very loving, go into sex — nothing is wrong — but never be trapped by passion. And see the difference: when you are feeling loving, it is a totally different quality. When you are feeling happy, celebrating, and you would like to share your energy with somebody you love, go make love. But this is not a moment of passion, this is a moment of tremendous warmth. A moment of love, share.
  4. The center is beyond seeking. You cannot seek it because it is already there; it cannot be sought. It just has to be discovered. It is already there.
  5. Your own being is available only in silence, not in intellectual activity, but in a silent awareness. That is a totally different dimension and that is true knowing, knowing yourself. But that cannot be intellectual, because intellect is something that can only reach outwards; it has no way of reaching inwards.
  6. Ultimately we have to find one point in ourselves from which we cannot in any way feel distinct because we are it. There are layers just like an onion; you peel one layer and there is another layer. You peel that layer and there is another. Go on peeling the onion. In Zen they have a saying: “Go on peeling the onion till only nothingness is left in your hands.” And that nothingness is you.
  7. Life certainly is an art, the greatest art. And the shortest formula is choiceless awareness — applicable to all situations, all problems.
  8. Man has to grow without any ideal, without any discipline. His only religion should be awareness, and wherever that awareness leads him he should go without fear, whatever the consequences. That’s the way I have lived, and I have no regret.
  9. Freedom brings responsibility. You act not according to any commandments, you act not according to Manu or Moses or Jesus, you act according to your own light. And whenever you act according to your own light, there is immense fulfillment, a deep rejoicing.
  10. Make love only when you are ready to be in a meditative space. And create a meditative atmosphere while you are making love. You should treat the place as sacred. Creating life… what can be more sacred? Do it as beautifully, as aesthetically, as joyously as possible. There should be no hurry. And if the two lovers meet in such an atmosphere outside, and such a silent space within, they will attract a soul, the highest available.
  11. Only meditation can kill the mind, nothing else. Meditation is mind suicide, mind committing suicide. If you can put the mind aside — without any chemicals, without any physical means — then YOU become the master. And when you are the master, everything is new. It has been always so. From the very beginning to the very end, everything is new, young, fresh. Death has never occurred in this world. It is life eternal.