Osho Quotes and Sayings

Osho Quotes

  1. Once you have found that eternal witness in vou. you have found God.
  2. Remember never to compromise. Compromise is absolutely against my whole vision.
  3. Mind is very cunning, clever, logical. It is a great rationalizer. Whatsoever the mind wants to do, it gives you reasons. All reasons are false. If you look deep down you will find they are not reasons but rationalizations.
  4. Growth is painful because you have been avoiding a thousand and one pains in your life. By avoiding you cannot destroy them — they go on accumulating. You go on swallowing your pains; they remain in your system. That’s why growth is painful — when you start growing, when you decide to grow, you have to face all the pains that you have repressed. You cannot just bypass them.
  5. A man of understanding accepts all and tries to find how to use everything creatively. Then one fee!s thankful to God for everything that has been given: pain and pleasure, birth and death, beautiful high moments and very sad low moments. For all, unconditionally, one feels grateful. That’s what a religious man is — an unconditional gratitude.
  6. Life is only an opportunity to grow, to be, to bloom. Life in itself is empty; unless you are creative you will not be able to fill it with fulfillment. You have a song in your heart to be sung and you have a dance to be danced, but the dance is invisible, and the song — even you have not heard it yet. It is deep down hidden in the innermost core of your being; it has to be brought to the surface, it has to be expressed.
  7. Awareness brings you into the rhythm of existence. You become part of this organic unity. You don’t move alone and separate. You don’t function as an island, you don’t isolate yourself. You are no more an ego.
  8. My whole approach is basically that of love. Love and all else will be right. You will not need to put it right — it will be right of its own accord. Love brings you in harmony and when you are in harmony immediately the whole existence is in harmony for you.
  9. When the disciple comes to the Master, he brings all kinds of poisons. Unknowingly he has been nourishing those poisons. And the ego is the greatest poison. And before your immortality can be revealed to you, your poison has to be removed. Who is going to drink it?! Only one who knows that he is deathless can drink it. The Master drinks all the poison out of the disciple’s system. Slowly slowly, he takes away all the poisons from the disciple. And one day, when all the poison has been taken out, the immortal is there in all its glory.
  10. The moment you stop desiring, you are yourself. Suddenly you become awakened to your innermost being.
  11. Mind is very entangled; chains and chains; associations; it is a net, a mad net. Everything goes into mind, and becomes more and more confusing. The more you know, the more the mind is confused, because all that you add to it adds to its confusion.
  12. Real meditation is not a technique. Real meditation is just relaxing, sitting silently, letting it happen, whatsoever it is. Allowing the whole anxiety to come up, to surface. And watching it, watching it. And doing nothing to change it. Witnessing it is real meditation.
  13. In that witnessing your Buddhahood will become more and more powerful. Witnessing is the nourishment for your Buddhahood. And the more powerful your Buddhahood is, the less anxiety there is. The day your Buddhahood is complete, all anxiety is gone.
  14. If you want to become a rich man, you are desiring. But if you want to become a sannyasin, it is a longing. Desiring depends on others: in longing there is no need to depend on anybody else. It is your own flowering. It is already there — just it needs the right soil and the right time It is waiting for the spring to come…
  15. Truth has such clarity that once understood, it transforms your life. Once heard, it is understood. Truth has a very simple process: once heard, it is understood; once understood, it transforms your life.