Osho Quotes and Sayings

Osho Quotes

  1. Love, for no reason at all, unaddressed to anybody — just a lovingness surrounds you. And when you reach to the very center of your being there is an explosion of immense light, and a fragrance that you have never known.
  2. To me, if your sex does not become finally a moment of meditation, you have not known what sex is. You have only heard about it, you have read about it; and the people who have been writing about it know nothing about it.
  3. The more retarded humanity is, the more it is in the hands of the politicians, in the hands of the priests, in the hands of all kinds of vested interests.
  4. If religiousness has any reality you cannot leave it at home when you go to the office. Then it is not a real thing, if you can leave it at home. Then it is something separate, a thing; it has no life. You cannot leave your heart at home. Wherever you go your heart will be with you, beating. Religion is your heart — how can you leave it? Love is your very being — how can you leave it? Wherever you are, you will breathe, your heart will beat. Everything is absolutely organic, united, one.
  5. Vegetarianism should not be anything moral or religious. It is a question of aesthetics: one’s sensitivity, one’s respect, one’s reverence for life.
  6. The enlightened man is always in the moment; hence, every experience becomes intense, enjoyed to the fullest.
  7. All that your mind knows has come either from the parents, or from the priest, or from the teachers, or from the society. Just watch, and you will not be able to find a single thought that is original to you. All is borrowed; mind lives on borrowed knowledge. In every situation it wants somebody to guide it. Your whole life is being guided by others. From the very beginning you are told what is right and what is wrong by your parents. Then your teachers, then your priests, then your neighbors… not that they know, they too have borrowed from others.
  8. Those who have become enlightened are agreed, without any exception, on the point that the ego has to disappear. It is false, it is created by society; it is not your original face, it is not you. The false must disappear for the real to be.
  9. first be selfish. Know thyself, be thyself and then your very life will be nothing but a sharing, an unselfish sharing, and without asking for any reward in this world or in the other world.
  10. A man can be known by his aura. The ordinary man has only nearabout a one-inch aura all around his body, but as your meditation deepens your aura becomes bigger — two inches, three inches, four inches, five inches. As your meditation deepens you are surrounded with more and more light coming from your inner being.
  11. The deeper your meditation goes, the more and more your ego disappears. Finally it leaves you just a nobody — anonymous, no name, no fame. In that great nothingness, you become one with the whole universe.