Osho Quotes and Sayings

Osho Quotes

  1. The old sannyas used to be an initiation into something serious, heavy, because it was renouncing the world. My sannyas is totally opposite, diametrically opposite. This is neo-sannyas, a totally new vision of sannyas not of renunciation but of rejoicing, and not of the spirit of seriousness but of the spirit of festivity, of light-heartedness, of taking life as fun, play.
  2. I am not against your eating, drinking and merrying. I would like it to happen more deeply, more profoundly. But to give it that intensity, that totality, that profundity, that depth… except meditation, there is no other way.
  3. Meditation needs you in your totality. Nothing less will do. If you withhold something, and just do it halfheartedly, it is better not to do it, because the whole effort is useless. You will be simply tired and nothing will happen.
  4. Enough is the moment unto itself. And that is the way of meditation: enough is the moment unto itself. Living the moment in its totality, in joy, diving deep into it without holding anything back, is bliss. Getting rid of all goals — worldly and other-worldly, material and spiritual — one knows the taste of meditation. It is the taste of absolute freedom.
  5. Meditation helps us to be here and now. Meditation is the art of being here and now, the art of being in communion with reality, the art of getting out of the dead past and the unborn future.
  6. Remember only one thing, the only thing that makes the buddha, and that is witnessing.
    Witness … you are not the body.
    Witness … you are not the mind.
    Witness … you are not the seven subtle bodies inside you. You are only a witness, purely an awareness. This awareness will bring you the transformation, the truth, the beauty — all the splendor of existence.
  7. Meditation has to become your very style of living — not that you do it sometimes for twenty minutes: it has to enter into your ordinary life. It has to become like breathing.
  8. Creativity is one of the fundamentals of my sannyas. A sannyasin should not be uncreative.
  9. My sannyas knows only the present — the now and the here.
  10. Whenever you are surrendered to existence, whenever you live in trust, love, prayer, joy, celebration, you are in heaven.
  11. The whole existence is in continuous celebration, just we have to drop our constant traffic of the mind, which goes on keeping us away from existence. It is far thicker than the China Wall, thousands and thousands of thoughts, layer upon layer — dreams, imagination, feelings, emotions, sentiments. They all constitute the mind — and you are not the mind. That’s the fundamental finding of the East: you are not the mind, you are no-mind. You are pure consciousness without any thoughts. Then everything is joy, then everything is blissfulness, then everything is a benediction.
  12. Relax, to make it completely clear that the body is separate, the mind is separate, you are only the witness. In life, in death, everywhere you are a witness. This witness never dies. It is your eternity. This is your buddha. Remember it — you have only forgotten.
  13. Seeking always leads into the untrue. Only a nonseeking mind realizes that which is, for whenever you seek you have missed that which is. Seeking always moves into the future, seeking cannot be here and now. How can you seek here and now? You can only be. Seeking is desire —  future enters, time comes in… and this moment, this here and now is missed. Truth is here, now.
  14. My words are just like nets thrown to catch fish. My message is wordless.
  15. My message of love is absolutely simple; nothing can be more simple than that. But your mind is very complex, very tricky. It makes simple things complicated.  — that’s its work. And for centuries it has been trained for only one thing: to make things so complicated that your life becomes impossible.