Osho Sannyas Quotes – Sannyas is a jump, a quantum leap

Osho Sannyas Quotes

  1. I don’t teach you renouncing the world. I teach you rejoicing in the world. This is an absolutely new method, a new definition of sannyas: not renunciation, but rejoicing, and still remaining beyond everything that surrounds you. This is your true spiritual birth.
  2. Unless you know how to turn the worst into the best, you are not aware of the real essence of sannyas.
  3. Sannyas is nothing but risking the known for the unknown, risking the false for the real. But you don’t know the real; you know only the false. And the trouble is, unless you drop the false you will not be able to see the real.
  4. Sannyas is a revolt against all societies and all cultures and all civilizations, for the simple reason that they are against the individual. I am absolutely for the individual.
  5. That’s the meaning of sannyas: a simple gesture on your part that you are available — nothing else. Just a simple gesture that you are no more resisting me, that you will not fight with me; that you are not going to waste the time in fighting; that you drop all defense measures. That is the meaning of sannyas — that you are getting ready for satsang, that now I can shower on you and you will be ready to receive. It simply shows a receptivity.
  6. My sannyas is a way of rejoicing, not a way of renunciation
  7. Sannyas is all about: becoming your own master. That is the meaning of the word ‘swami’: to become a master of one’s own, to be a light unto oneself. And there arises a different kind of order — real order. Buddha lives in that order and you can see the grace. He lives according to his own light. He has his own way, his own authentic individuality. He is a free man — but remember, a free man is going to be in constant conflict because a free man has to be in rebellion. That is the price one has to pay.
  8. That is the meaning of sannyas, that is what sannyas is all about: freedom. But freedom has nothing to do with outer changes, freedom has something to do with inner understanding. And this is the basis of freedom: that I am responsible. Responsibility brings freedom. Throwing responsibility on others keeps you a slave.
  9. Sannyas means you have become interested in the moon. Sannyas means you have become interested in attaining the impossible. Sannyas means now you are entering into a journey for the unknown shore. It is dangerous, but through this danger one is reborn. Through this impossible longing — passion for the impossible — something integrates in you.
  10. Sannyas means love for the moon. That very love transforms. It is not a question of whether you reach to the moon or not: that very love transmutes, that very love becomes the alchemy. You are no more part of the ordinary world, you start living in an extraordinary world. The poetry is born in you, the music is heard of the unknown, some dance starts happening. That’s what God is all about. Sannyas is an invitation for God to become a guest in your being. Sannyas is readiness to be a host for God.
  11. In fact, except for the stupid people nobody has illusions of certainty. The more intelligent you are, the more uncertain you are. The more intelligent you are, the more hesitant — because life is vast. Life is immense, immeasurable, mysterious. How can you be certain? Living in uncertainty, living in insecurity, is simplicity. And that’s what I mean by sannyas: a life of insecurity, a life without ideals, without character, a life not rooted in the past, not motivated by the future; a life utterly herenow.
  12. Sannyas is a jump, a quantum leap. It is not that “tomorrow” you will take sannyas. A moment arrives when the decision takes grip of your heart. Not that you have pondered over it in a very syllogistic way, logically, rationally, thought about what will happen and what will not happen, and what are the benefits and what are the harms, and what are the problems that you will have to face. Sannyas is not a calculated step. If it is, then you are thinking of the future, and it has nothing to do with sannyas. Sannyas is a meditative jump, not a calculated step.
  13. Sannyas is rebellion — rebellion through understanding.
  14. Become mad like Buddha, Bahaudin, Mohammed, Christ. Become mad like me. And that madness has immense beauty, because all that is beautiful is born out of that madness, and all that is poetic flows out of that madness. The greatest experiences of life, the greatest ecstasies of life, are born out of that madness. Initiating you into sannyas, I am really initiating you into that kind of madness. This place belongs to mad people.
  15. In India I am one of the most misunderstood men. They think I am teaching people indulgence. I am teaching renunciation. They think I am teaching a worldly kind of sannyas. They don’t understand. I am teaching REAL sannyas, because real sannyas arises only out of worldly experience. Real sannyas is not possible in a cave in the Himalayas. It will be unreal, imposed, and deep down you will remain worldly and you will continue to hanker and dream of the world. Live in the world. Really live in it so you get tired, wearied, finished with it — so much so that one day suddenly it loses all meaning for you, and the renunciation has happened. To me, the real renunciation happens in the market-place and ONLY in the market-place.