This is an invitation to all friends and lovers of OSHO to join in a worldwide Sunday July 22nd 10:30am local time or another time that day, to meditate alone or together in locally created events to sit and celebrate in your preferred way in a heart-to-heart-communion with Osho’s energy field and all the beings connected with him and his vision. Be creative and quick, as time is short to invite and organize this. After all you need only a cushion and willingness. The rest is up to everybody.

WHY? Today we got to know about the denial of the existence of Osho’s Samadhi in Pune by remaining trustees of Osho Foundation International in the courts of India. Read more on this event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/401662413204748/

On July 27th, there will be a followup hearing in the courts! And Sunday is a perfect day where many people have some time! Lets use this occasion to generate energy to save Osho’s ashes in his Samadhi in Pune. But also to rest all our differences and separations on this issues in our minds and just listen to our hearts and inner Being and feel the love which all unites us. And please have your own idea comments, suggestions for others to make this a worldwide happening in meditation. It has been scientifically proven, that when people meditate together, it lowers the crime rate. It appears as if some crime is happening around Osho’s Samadhi. But remember, the main thing is about awareness and love, the jewel in the lotus. Enjoy and spread the news, as this time it is here and now.

for updated news about Osho Samadhi court case
please check http://oshowork.org