Osho – Unless an intense longing to wake up arises in you

Osho – Life has no beginning and no end. It is eternity, and that is God’s gift. God has given himself in the gift, because life is God. All that is needed is a certain awakening in your heart so you can see it, feel it, taste it, touch it. The gift has been waiting and waiting for you for thousands of years, but you have been asleep, as everybody has been.

Sannyas has to become an awakening. Sannyas has to be nothing but a great effort to wake yourself up. Nobody else can do it for you. If you don’t cooperate there is no possibility. Somebody can shake you but you can go on sleeping, you can turn over. Somebody can shake you but you can start dreaming that somebody is shaking you.

Unless you want to wake up, unless an intense longing to wake up arises in you, no possible help can be given from the outside. But if you want to be awakened then all possible help is available. I am here just to help you if you desire so. It cannot be imposed on you; your freedom cannot be interfered with. With your cooperation the thing is very simple… so simple that I say: Snap your fingers, slap your face, and wake up!

But if you are not cooperating then it is the most impossible thing in the world; then nothing can be done. Sannyas is your gesture that you are willing, that you will cooperate, that you will not resist. that is the inner sannyas: non-resistance, no conflict with the Master, a tremendous surrender and trust.

Source – Osho Book “Just Around the Corner”