Osho Quotes on Frustration in Life, Osho Sayings on Frustration

Osho Quotes on Frustration in Life

  1. It is your expectation that carries the seeds of frustration.
  2. Remember, frustration is out of expectation, and ego is always expecting. The ego is a beggar.
  3. Don’t try in any way to be special because all those trips are ego-trips and lead you into frustration and worry and fear.
  4. Frustration is nothing but the ego feeling bad — it could not make it; the ego is hurt, wounded.
  5. You can choose: either frustration, suffering, misery — then go on holding the ego, nourishing it. Or peace, silence, bliss — but then you have to recover your innocence.
  6. If you listen to me you will never again be in the same boat. It is the boat of expectation. Frustration is a by-product. You want to get rid of the frustration but you don’t want to get rid of the expectation. Then it is impossible.
  7. If you expect, there is frustration. If you don’t expect, there is no frustration. You expect because you think that things are permanent. Nothing is permanent.
  8. If you are dreaming, then dream a little more. Nobody is ever fulfilled by dreaming but one has to figure it out oneself  — ‘Enough is enough. I have dreamed enough, fantasised enough, and nothing comes except misery, except frustration.’ Each desire brings more frustration, each expectation turns finally into frustration.
  9. Once you have dropped the ego you have dropped all defeat, all failure, all frustration. Carry the ego and you are doomed to failure. Carry the ego and you will remain weak. Drop the ego and infinite strength starts flowing through you. By dropping the ego you become a river, you start flowing, you start melting, you start streaming — you become alive.
  10. When there is no expectation there is no possibility of frustration. Expectation is the mother of all frustrations; expectation gone, frustration disappears. And when there is no frustration in your life, life really becomes a bed of roses. Then God is a constant blessing; he goes on raining his grace, his beauty on you.
  11. You live a false life. For this false life a false center is needed. That center is your ego, your conscious mind. That is why, no matter what you do, you will never be blissful — because only the real center can happen, only the real center can explode, can come to the climax, the optimum, of the possibility of bliss. The false center is a shadow game. You can play with it, you can hope with it, but ultimately nothing but frustration comes out of it. With a false anxiety that is bound to be so.
  12. This mind, this process of thinking, this ego, is just a fragment of your whole total being, and this fragment is trying to be the sovereign. This is not possible, the fragment cannot be the sovereign. It is going to fail; that is why there is so much frustration in life.  You can never succeed — you are trying the impossible. The fragment cannot be the sovereign. The whole is bigger and the whole is more powerful.
  13. Have you achieved anything through any desire or does frustration always come? Aren’t ashes always in the hand and nothing else? But one never sees the ashes in the hand, one never sees the frustration. The eyes are always again fixed on the far-off horizon.
  14. By desiring, no one has ever attained to the state of peace, the state of non-desire. By understanding the desire, by understanding the motivation, one becomes, by and by, alert. One comes to know that if you drop motivation, there is no frustration in life. Then nothing can make you unhappy. Then happiness is natural; it is just the way you are. Then whatsoever happens, you remain happy. Now, whatsoever happens, you remain unhappy.
  15. The whole world lives in dreams. If you want to live with them, you have to be a part. You say: ‘Yes. So beautiful’ — but then you are wearied and tired. And the whole life seems like a long boredom, non-ending.. And again and again, the same routine you follow. And again and again, you come to the same frustration.
  16. Life is momentary life is a flux. To hope that one can create something permanent in life is to hope in vain. You are looking for frustration. The whole of life is a continuous movement: things change. Except change everything changes. The only thing that is permanent is change.
  17. The desire to rule over others, the will to power, is one of the greatest crimes that man has committed. My sannyasins have to be aware of it. Hence, my insistence for being just ordinary. And it is so beautiful, because I am saying it out of my experience. No egoist in the whole history of humanity has said that ego is beautiful, that it has given him great ecstasies. All the egoists have died in frustration, despair, because the ego knows no limits. So you are always frustrated.
  18. You can accumulate millions of dollars and pounds, but suddenly you find nothing satisfies, your thirst remains the same, it is not quenched. And there is no hope now. You have learnt a trick — how to succeed. Now you have succeeded, and you have wasted your whole life in this success, and there comes no satisfaction, but a deep frustration, a hopeless state. And if you fail? Of course then how can there be satisfaction? In the world, if you fail you fail, if you succeed, you also fail.
  19. In frustration one wants to destroy. And there are only two possibilities — either murder somebody or murder yourself. Murdering somebody else is more dangerous, so people start thinking of murdering themselves. But it is murder.
  20. The mind lives through more, and the more cannot be fulfilled; that is impossible. IT ENDS IN TEARS. Every desire ends in frustration, because every expectation is the beginning of frustration. Why does every desire end in frustration? There are only two alternatives: either you achieve your object of desire or you don’t achieve it, but in both cases it will end in tears. If you achieve it you will see the utter futility of it all.
  21. A man who lives with intentions is bound to feel frustration. A man who lives with expectations is bound to feel frustrated because existence has no obligation to you. But if you live without intentions, without expectations, then miraculously you find that everything that you ever dreamed of is being fulfilled. The moon is reflected in the lake — the lake never asked it, the moon never intended it. Existence goes on spontaneously. Don’t bring your desire, your ambition and your expectation; they are the disturbing points. They create a chaos in your mind.
  22. This ego has all the desires, ambitions, wants to be always on the top of everything. You are exploited by this ego. And this never allows you even a glimpse of your real authentic self, and your life is there, in your authenticity. Hence, this ego only produces misery, suffering, fighting, frustration, madness, suicide, murder — all kinds of crime.