Osho Sayings and Quotes, Spiritual Sayings of Osho

Osho Sayings and Quotes

  1. Meditation is only a methodology to make you aware that your only disease is your ego, and your only health is egolessness.
  2. Enlightenment is choicelessness. But don’t misunderstand me. Before that, you will have to move very cautiously, choosing the right against the wrong, choosing the truer so that you can reach to the ultimate truth.
  3. Use this energy of watchfulness for a transformation of your being. It can bring you so much bliss and so much benediction that you cannot even dream about it.
  4. I want to make your pilgrimage a bliss, a benediction, without any goal and without any source.
  5. Once you relax, once you accept, once you surrender, once you trust, then whatsoever I am saying has a totally different quality to it. Only then understanding arises.
  6. Life is fresh. Mind can never be fresh. If you understand this, then look at life without the mind. Put the mind aside. I am not saying throw the mind completely. It is useful. Use it. It is a biocomputer. Use it — but don’t be used by it. When it is needed, use it.
  7. Love always accepts you as you are, and through that acceptance, much transformation happens.
  8. Relax. Just be a witness of the body and the mind. You are not the body, you are not the mind, you are just a pure watcher, a witness. This witnessing is the very essence of existential religion.
  9. Laughter has a beauty, multidimensional. It can relax you, it can suddenly make you feel light, it can make your world not a burden, but a beautiful experience. It can change everything in your life. Just the touch of laughter can make life something worth living, something to be grateful for.
  10. The whole society is geared for work. It is a workaholic society. It does not want you to learn relaxation, so from the very childhood it puts in your mind anti-relaxation ideas. I am not telling you to relax the whole day. Do your work, but find out some time for yourself, and that can be found only in relaxation. And you will be surprised that if you can relax for an hour or two hours out of each twenty-four hours, it will give you a deeper insight into yourself.
  11. Whenever you love a person his godliness comes to the top. It happens — because when somebody loves you, how can you show your ugliness? Simply, your beautiful face comes up. And, by and by, the ugly face disappears.
  12. Love is alchemical. If you love yourself the ugly part of you disappears, is absorbed, is transformed. The energy is released from that form. Everything carries energy. Your anger has much energy involved in it, your fear also has much energy, crippled and suffocated in it. If the fear disappears, the form falls down, energy is released. Anger disappears — more energy is released. Jealousy disappears — still more energy.
  13. Love yourself. That should be the foundational commandment. Love yourself. All else will follow, but this is the foundation.
  14. Trust the river, and the river will take you to the ocean — and there is no other way to reach to the ocean. Fight, and you will lose. Surrender, and in your surrender is the victory.
  15. Choicelessness is the alchemy of transformation, of inner mutation. A new being is born who has nothing to do with the past, who is absolutely discontinuous with the past. He has no desire. And when there is no desire, for the first time you live.