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Osho Quotes and Sayings

  1. Love transforms old age into youth. If you can go on loving to the very last breath, you will remain young. Love knows no old age. Love knows no death. If you can go on loving, your love will continue beyond death too. Love is the most precious experience in life.
  2. Mind is cunning. You have to go beyond mind — that’s what meditation is all about.
  3. The blissfulness is not going to descend upon you from somewhere: you have to go through a transformation. Just taking sannyas does not mean that you are a new being. It simply means a commitment to yourself, a decision that, “I am going to transform myself.” Your red robes, your mala, will remind you continuously of the commitment that you have made to existence, the declaration of transformation, the decision.
  4. Paradise is not a location; it is not part of geography. Paradise is a certain attitude towards existence; it is a way of life. The same energy that becomes misery becomes bliss; the same energy that creates jealousy and anger is transformed into love, into peace, into silence. It is not a question of only the enlightened person changing the world into a paradise; everybody has to change it by changing himself.
  5. I am not anti-life as other religions are. I am absolutely for life, and life in its essence means love.
  6. We have to create a world of really sensitive people, who can understand music, poetry, paintings, who can understand nature, who can understand human beauty, who can understand the world that surrounds them: the stars, the moon, the sun.
  7. Only the person who has become accustomed to entering into the unknown without fear becomes aware of a new dimension, the unknowable. The unknowable is the ultimate experience. The unknown is just the bridge between the known and the unknowable.
  8. Sannyas is nothing but dropping your hypocrisy.
  9. Mind is interested in knowledge not in wisdom, because for wisdom you will have to create a space called no-mind. And, naturally, mind is afraid of your ever becoming interested in wisdom, because mind does not want to commit suicide.Sannyas is a suicide of the mind, so is meditation, so is wisdom.These are different names for the same phenomenon, different aspects of the same diamond.
  10. When one is fulfilled, one starts overflowing. He cannot contain his own contentment. He is blessed, and so much is he blessed that he starts blessing others. He is so much blessed that he becomes a blessing to the world.
  11. Mind is cunning. You have to go beyond mind — that’s what meditation is all about.