Osho Quotes on Let Go, Osho on Art of Let Go

Osho Quotes on Let Go

  1. Existence understands only letgo. If you are in a letgo, you will attain. You will attain to whatsoever this existence can give you — and it can give you infinite blessings, infinite benediction. It can give you total satiety, contentment. You can become a buddha.
  2. You are not to do anything to be happy. In fact you have done too much to become unhappy. If you want to be unhappy, do too much. If you want to be happy, allow things, allow things to be. Rest, relax, and be in a letgo. Letgo is the secret of life. Letgo is the secret of religion. Letgo is the greatest secret. When you are in a letgo many things, millions of things, start happening. They were already happening but you were never aware. You could not be aware; you were engaged somewhere else, you were occupied.
  3. We are so tense, not only because there are circumstances which make us tense, but basically we have completely forgotten how to relax. So if even if there are no circumstances to make you tense, you will stil be tense. We are tense. We have forgotten completely relaxation, the art of letgo. This must be taught. Relaxation is the language which is not being taught — that is the forgotten language. The whole of education, the whole of society is teaching everybody to be tense — because it pays to be tense.
  4. Just two small things: meditation and let-go. Remember these two key words: meditation and surrender. Meditation will take you in, and surrender will take you into the whole. And this is the whole of religion. Within these two words Buddha has condensed the whole essence of religion.
  5. One should approach reality out fo trust not out of fear. The essence of faith or trust is letting-go. The fearful man can never let go. He is always on the defence, he is always protecting himself, he is always fighting, he is always antagonistic. Even his prayer, his meditation, is nothing but a strategy to protect himself.
  6. A man who trusts himself comes to know the beauty of it — comes to know that the more you trust yourself, the more you bloom; the more you are in a state of letgo and relaxation, the more you are settled and serene, the more you are calm, cool and quiet.
  7. Buddha said: What-soever happens, happens. Nothing else can happen, nothing else is possible. Don’t ask for it to be otherwise; be in a letgo, and allow the whole to function. And when you allow the whole to function and you are not a barrier, a resistance, then you cannot be defeated.
  8. I am not teaching you to go against nature, I am teaching you to go with it. You dissolve yourself in it — in a total condition of letgo. Let nature take over. Don’t try to go upstream, let the stream take you wherever it is going; don’t fight with it. I teach you non-fight, I teach you harmony. And to me, this is the greatest miracle: to be in harmony with nature, totally in harmony with nature. When it is morning, you are with it; when it is evening, you are with it. When it is pleasure, you are with it; when it is pain, you are with it. You are with it in life, you are with it in death. Not for a single moment on any point do you differ from it. This total agreement, this absolute agreement, creates the religious man.
  9. Meditation or religion is a totally different world: it is relaxation, it is let-go — it is not concentration at all. It is not one-pointedness, it is no-pointedness.
  10. When you are seeking too much you are closed; the very tension of seeking and searching closes you. When you are desiring too much, the very desire becomes such a tense state of affairs that happiness cannot penetrate you. Happiness penetrates you in the same way as sleep; contentment comes to you in the same way as sleep: when you are in a letgo, when you allow, when you simply wait, they come.
  11. Life has no back doors. You cannot steal life. You cannot be a thief. Life gives, and gives infinitely and gives unconditionally. You please be just in a letgo.
  12. Let go, and move closer to existence in silence and peace, in meditation.
  13. I live spontaneously. I never decide anything beforehand. I keep tomorrow open. If I feel like speaking, I speak. If I feel like being silent, then there is no other way than to be silent. And I never ask myself why, because no why is answerable. All answers are arbitrary. So I simply go on floating with the river, never asking where it is going, why it is going, where it is going to end. And this is my basic approach to life: a total letgo.
  14. Truth is not a compromise. It is a total letgo, risking all. Even if you are saving a little bit in case it is needed, you will not find the truth. You are still behaving in a cowardly way. Saving a little bit shows your fear.
  15. The only way to be serene is not to be. The only way to be serene is to be in a deep letgo, surrendered, one with the life energy.
  16. If one allows oneself to be in a deep letgo, one reaches home. ‘Home’ means one reaches the very source of life and being, one touches the very beginning.
  17. Unless the master and disciple relationship is that of a deep love affair, communication is not possible; it is impossible. Only in a deep deep loving relationship, in deep intimacy where the disciple is simply in a letgo, where he puts his mind aside and listens without interfering at all, never giving his own meanings, just listening attentively, not being bothered whether what is said is right or wrong, or what it means, then only can he listen and that listening can be a transforming experience. From the disciple’s side great silence is needed, only then can what the master speaks be understood.
  18. A demanding mind becomes closed, the glimpse becomes impossible. It always comes when you are not aware, when you are not after it, when you are relaxed, you are not even thinking about it, you are not meditating. Even when you are meditating glimpse becomes impossible. When you are not meditating, but you are ..just in a moment of letgo, not doing anything, not waiting even for anything. In that relaxed moment satori happens. It will begin to happen more and more but don’t hanker after it, don’t long for it, and never misunderstand it for samadhi.
  19. Every type of invention, every discovery, always comes out of playfulness. Einstein, Archimedes, Newton, and others were all playing. Many things happen when you are not serious, when you are not concentrating, when your mind is in a letgo.
  20. To live out of understanding is compassion. Never try to practice it, simply relax deep into meditation. Be in a state of let-go in meditation and suddenly you will be able to smell the fragrance that is coming from your own innermost depth. Then the flower blossoms and compassion spreads. Meditation is the flower and compassion is its fragrance.
  21. Relax, let go. But remember only one thing: You are a witness.
  22. Meditation is a surrender, it is not a demand. It is not forcing existence your way, it is relaxing into the way existence wants you to be. It is a let-go.