Osho Message – Osho Quotes on His Message and Teachings

Osho Message

  1. To become enlightened amongst unenlightened people is to live in a desert. That is the fate of all the Buddhas. I say one thing, you understand something; else. Constant misinterpretation is bound to happen, because I talk from a totally different plane. I talk out of a fullness and you receive only through the mind. You receive only the words — and words cannot convey my message. My message can be conveyed to you only if you really become committed, involved, in the energy field that I am creating, if you really become a plant in my garden, if you allow me to destroy your ego — because that is how growth begins. The death of the ego is the beginning of growth. Just as the seed has to die in the soil, the ego has to die in the Master. Once your ego is completely gone, you are a beautiful tree, with much foliage, greenery, flowers, fragrance.
  2. My whole message is to see the truth, to see the hell that ego creates in the name: of perfection, uniqueness — and to let it drop. Then there is a tremendous beauty — no ego, no self, just a deep emptiness. And out of deep emptiness is creativity, out of that nothingness arises bliss, SATCHITANANDA, truth. Being, bliss, all arise out of that absolute purity. When the ego is not, you are a virgin. Christ was born out of a virgin; your nothingness is that Mother Virgin, Mother Mary.
  3. My message, my key, my golden key to transform your energies, is creativity. Be more and more creative, and slowly slowly you will see a transformation happening of its own accord. Your mind will disappear, your body will have a totally different feel to it, and constantly you will remain aware that you are separate, that you are a pure witness.
  4. Nothing is secure. That is my message. Nothing can be secure, because a secure life will be worse than death. Nothing is certain. Life is full of uncertainties, full of surprises — that is its beauty! You can never come to a moment when you can say, “Now I am certain.” When you say you are certain, you simply declare your death, you have committed suicide.
  5. This is my message also: be in the society and be a sannyasin. Don’t become a parasite, don’t become dependent on anybody, because every sort of dependence ultimately will make you a slave. It cannot make you a MUKTA, it cannot make you an absolutely free person.
  6. As you become enlightened, your light will start reaching to others. My message will start vibrating through you, through your love, without any effort on your part.
  7. My message of love is absolutely simple; nothing can be more simple than that. But your mind is very complex, very tricky. It makes simple things complicated.  — that’s its work. And for centuries it has been trained for only one thing: to make things so complicated that your life becomes impossible.
  8. The whole message is to get beyond the mind and then everything is crystal clear. Then you don’t ask any questions. You simply act out of your clarity, out of your transparent vision. And each of your acts has a beauty — tremendous beauty of its own. It has a grace. And it has a power of blessings to shower over the whole world.
  9. My message to you is, please don’t efface yourself. Be yourself, look within yourself, and in that very seeing, the ego disappears. Even to say “disappears” is not right: the ego is not found, it has never been there. Its existence depended on your not looking within yourself. Seen, it is no longer there — it has never been there. And then you are individuality, uniqueness, a unique expression of the divine. And then there is great rejoicing. You start blooming, the spring has come. You start dancing, you start singing. Great gratitude arises in you that God has made you a unique individual.
  10. This is my message to the Soviet people. I love them. I would love to bring meditation into their life, because meditation brings grace, peace, silence, blissfulness… a freedom which nobody can take away from you.
  11. Drop the self and be conscious! That is the whole message — the message of all the buddhas of all the ages, past, present, future. The essential core of the message is very simple: drop the self, the ego, the mind, and be.
  12. Don’t be too serious at all. My message is that of rejoicing. That’s where I am different from Buddha. Buddha is a serious person; not a single statue exists in which he is shown laughing, or even smiling. Yes, there are Chinese and Japanese statues of Buddha in which he is shown smiling and laughing sometimes — sometimes even a belly laughter, his belly shaking. But those are Chinese and Japanese buddhas.
  13. That’s what I teach, and that’s what Buddha’s whole message is: Become a no-mind. Become pure consciousness, an empty sky with no clouds of thoughts. Then who are you — Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian? Indian, Japanese, German? Black, white? Man, woman? Who are you? Young, old? Rich, poor? Famous, notorious? WHO ARE YOU? All these differences disappear. You are a pure silence. That silence is your supreme self. To attain it is to attain nirvana. To attain it is to be available to benediction, to all God’s blessings. Meditate more and more so that you can disappear, so that you can allow God to be. The moment you are not, God is — and God is one, and you are many. Not only outside are you many, inside also you are many. And when you disappear — the many disappear from the inside and from the outside — then these are all waves of the same ocean. And to know the ocean that is hidden behind all the waves of different shape, color, form, is to know the truth. And truth liberates.
  14. This is not only a message for Sarjana, this is for all of you. Jesus says: Go on the rooftops and shout so that people can hear. I say to you also: shout from the rooftops; help as many people as you can to come here, because right now the water is available, the water is flowing. It can quench the thirst of millions, but they will have to come to the river and they will have to bow down to the river; only then can they receive the gift.